What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Mojo

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What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Bookish Mojo? (Run? No, absolutely not, sir. You may cry.)

That’s a mighty big question, isn’t it? I think it is, at least. Also a tough one to answer. I’m not even sure if I have an answer myself even though that’s what you might think why I’m making this post. Hahahaha oh poor you. I don’t know anything about anything. But since I’ve been sitting in the biggest slumps there will ever slump, I will share with you what I did.

What did my slump involve? I had no energy nor did I care to do anything bookish. That included blogging, reading, writing,… anything. I just didn’t care. Now I do and I’m getting my blogging and writing back bit by bit but reading is still eluding me, as is writing reviews. It’s a problem. But it’ll come back, right? RIGHT?


What I did is the following… It’s only three things so that should be easy, right?

Look for new hobbies!

Yes! New hobbies can help you focus on something besides the aching hole in your heart where your bookish hobbies used to be. Seriously. Maybe even fill it. My new hobbies have included knitting, crochet, painting, being social (GASP).

Resume old forgotten hobbies!

Old hobbies like drawing, gaming and playing boardgames have resurfaced thanks to my slump, which I’m grateful for! I highly encourage restarting a old hobby even when you’re not in a slump.

Don’t force yourself.

That’s very important. And speaks for itself. Forcing yourself won’t help, so don’t. That’s all…

I hope that helped a little bit at least. If not, oh well. I tried. *laughs, then sobs* HEY. I’m trying here okay? I haven’t blogged for what feels like centuries so I’m learning it all over again. What even are words anymore?

What do you do when you’re in a slump?


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