You Don’t Know My Name by Kristen Orlando

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You Don’t Know My Name by Kristen OrlandoYou Don't Know My Name (The Black Angel Chronicles #1) by Kristen Orlando
Published by Swoon Reads on January 10th 2017
Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher

Fighter. Faker. Student. Spy.

Seventeen-year-old Reagan Elizabeth Hillis is used to changing identities overnight, lying to every friend she’s ever had, and pushing away anyone who gets too close. Trained in mortal combat and weaponry her entire life, Reagan is expected to follow in her parents’ footsteps and join the ranks of the most powerful top-secret agency in the world, the Black Angels. Falling in love with the boy next door was never part of the plan. Now Reagan must decide: Will she use her incredible talents and lead the dangerous life she was born into, or throw it all away to follow her heart and embrace the normal life she’s always wanted? And does she even have a choice?

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book called to me when I read the summary, it sounds exactly like the type of book that I would like.  I mean, a book about a top secret agency? Yes, please! But this book was so much more than I  was hoping for.

Reagan is no stranger to lies, in fact lying to the people around her, parents excluded, is pretty much the only thing she’s ever known.  You see, her parents are part of a top secret government agency called the Black Angels.  As you can imagine, living in that world isn’t very safe so Reagan and her family have had to move and switch identities, a lot.  For Reagan though, Ohio is different, these friends are different and this is making her second guess what she wants to do with her life.

I won’t say much more than that because I don’t want to ruin this book for anyone.  I will say that this book is about much more than what the summary describes.  It’s more than just a book about secret agencies.  It’s about family and friendship.  It’s about not being afraid to stand up and break the rules for things you believe in, something that our MC, Reagan, is very good at and I loved that about her.

 This book will also take your emotions on a rollercoaster.  There were romantic parts that were just so sweet that I would just swoon, but on the other hand there were parts that were so sad that I cried my eyes out.  I just can’t get over some of the things that happened, my heart absolutely broke for Reagan and the things that she had to go through.  It’ll be interesting to see how the events of what happened in this book will affect her and her decisions in future books.  Although with the way it ended, I have an idea on where her mind is at.

You Don’t Know My Name is an emotional, fast paced thriller that will grab readers from the beginning and keep them hooked until the very last page.

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