Who is entering? Who will come out alive?

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Are you ready for another BATTLESHIP?!

If you are interested in entering into the gauntlet you can enter here. You can go up against Christy and I, a friend, or a random opponent (which is pretty awesome).

It’s Lily vs. Rose!

Daemon & Katy

Lux Series


Legolas & Tauriel 

LOTR and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Why Lily chose Daemon & Katy? Where do I even start? First of all, Katy and Daemon are such great characters on their own but together it is just ten times better. They have such great dialogue which is so so SO entertaining and they make each other even better, more loveable characters. Daemon makes Katy stronger and Katy makes Daemon more compassionate and I loved that in these books we really get to see that! They have great, swoon worthy chemistry and Daemon is hot so…

Why Rose chose Legolas & Tauriel? I love the idea of Legolas and Tauriel together! At the end of The Hobbit Tauriel is left heartbroken with the death of her true love, and it kills Legolas to see her sadness and her love directed at another person. He sets off on a journey of his own, away from her.

Which OTP will win?

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