Weekly Novel Rewind (5)

Posted July 15, 2017 by Madalyn || 21 Comments

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the lack of weekly rewind posts lately– Bee and I have both been busy with life stuff the past couple weeks! BUT. We’re here now to update you on what we’ve been up to over the past week or so.

Life Updates


Not too much exciting to report on my end! I visited my parents in Florida over the weekend and the beginning of the week, which was a lot of fun, as always. I took some walks on the beach, did some shopping, and ate a lot of ice cream. I dealt with flight issues both ways, but everything ended up working out okay! My roommate and I are moving out of our current apartment at the end of July, and this week we looked at a house that seems pretty perfect for us. Fingers crossed everything works out and we get it!


I’ve been a bit absent from the blogging world the last two weeks, haven’t I? Well, I started this new treatment at the hospital… It’s, roughly translated, called Multifunctional Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Therapy. It’s 4 days a week, 12 weeks. And it’s quite intense, emotionally. So I’ve been too tired to do anything since I started it last week, which is why I moved my annual blogging hiatus up a few weeks and did it now. I’m alright though! Not to worry. I’ll be back to blogging very very soon.

Book Haul


ARCs // Thank you to St. Martins Press for sending me an e-ARC of Everything Must Go, and thanks to the wonderful people I traded with on Twitter for the other four ARCs!

Bought // I couldn’t resist this adorable f/f novella or the next volume of my current graphic novel obsession.


None! *weeps* I did get my physical copy of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue and it’s preeeetty but I’m too lazy to make a picture and all that hassle.

Books Read/Currently Reading


Read // Dear Martin was the clear favorite of this week, and one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Everyone needs to put this on their TBR. Knit One, Girl Two was an adorable f/f novella that made me happy. I ended up DNFing Girls Made of Snow & Glass about two-thirds of the way through because NOTHING. HAPPENED. The plot and the world were lackluster, the characters had no personality, the retelling elements were unimaginative, and I simply do not understand the hype surrounding this book. The Revenge Playbook was a wonderful surprise– feminist as hell and full of girl power. This latest volume of Sex Criminals was my least favorite of the series so far, but still enjoyable.

Currently reading // I just started Little & Lion, but I cannot wait to get into it!!


I also haven’t really read anything?? I started a bunch of books but I couldn’t keep my focus because of the abovementioned tiredness so. I will hold off on saying I’m actually reading something until I make it past the 30% mark.

Currently Obsessing Over


It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders // The new project that Sam Sanders (former host of my beloved NPR Politics Podcast) has been working on for the past few months is finally a real podcast! And it’s every bit as good as I dreamed it would be. The Friday weekly roundups are my favorite, I think. If you’re looking for a new podcast, I highly recommend this one!


Except for re-watching FRIENDS completely, I’m not obsessing over anything at the moment. Geesh, Bee… Quite the contribution you made to this post. XD

How was your week? Did you get any exciting books? What are you currently reading or obsessing over?


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21 responses to “Weekly Novel Rewind (5)

  1. I hope you had fun in Florida, Madalyn, and good luck moving! I’m really jealous that you have Wild Beauty and I’m planning on reading Girls Made of Snow and Glass soon and I’m so excited to read it! I’m waiting to see if I can get my Kindle back (Most likely not because the airline said they would stop looking for it after three weeks and it’s already been two), so I’ll probably start it next week or something if not. It’s too bad you didn’t like it though. Now I’m a bit more nervous to read it.

    I hope everything is going well, Bee! Now I really want to rewatch friends. XD

  2. Noooo, Madalyn, I’m so sad to see you didn’t like Girls Made of Snow and Glass. It sounds like it’d be so good and I was quite excited for it! I am glad to hear you liked Dear Martin, though. That’s one of my most anticipated releases for the rest of the year.
    Bee, I hope everything is going well for you! Can’t wait to see you come back to blogging 🙂

  3. Sorry about Girls Made of Snow & Glass. It’s so disappointing when you have to DNF a book. That one has so much hype around it, too! I hope you like your next read better.

  4. Greg Hill

    Good luck with moving and hope you guys both have a great week!

    I love that cover of Wild Beauty, and the Revenge Playbook looks pretty good.

  5. Madalyn, sounds like you had a great week! I’m glad you had fun visiting the parents. Ice cream is always a great plan. Fingers crossed for you and your roommate regarding the house. Good luck with the moving!
    Ahhh! I’m so excited you got Wild Beauty and I especially can’t wait to hear what you thought about that one. AND YES! So happy Dear Martin is good! I was expecting it would be, but it’s good to know from you as well. 🙂

    Bee, that treatment doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but hopefully, it will end in something positive. Just push through it! Sorry that you haven’t been in a reading week, but if you’re watching Friends, I think you’re making good choices! 😉

    Happy reading to the both of you! And have wonderful weeks ahead!

    • Haha, we’re basically professional ice cream eaters in my family, so that always makes going home fun. 🙂 Dear Martin was amazing! You’ll love it. I can’t wait to finally start Wild Beauty– I’ll definitely let you know my thoughts once I finish it. Thanks, Nick! I hope you’re having a good week so far!

  6. Sam Kozbial

    I am glad I saw your thoughts on Girls Made of Snow and Glass. I was on the fence, and may put it off even longer. And Bee, if this helps, won’t it be worth it? Maybe you’re not reading, but Friends is such a worthy time-suck. It was the highlight of Thursday nights for a decade of my life.

    • It wasn’t my favorite, but most everyone else seems to love it, so you might have a better experience with it than I did! But yeah, it was pretty disappointing. I agree with you both– a rewatch of Friends is always a good idea. 🙂

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