Weekly Novel Rewind (1)

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Novel Rewind is our version of a weekly wrap up post. We will be linking up to Stacking the Shelves and The Sunday Post.

Hey, guys! We’ll be changing up the format of our weekly rewinds a bit starting this week– now that I have an awesome co-blogger, Bee, the two of us will be doing the Novel Rewind together most weeks!

Life Updates


I don’t have much exciting to report at the moment. I’ve pretty much just spent this week working, going to appointments, and trying to get into a routine for the summer. I did get to hang out with one of my good friends whom I haven’t seen in a while on Monday night, which was fun! Her apartment building has a roof with an amazing view of the city, so we just sat up there, talked, and drank. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be at home in Florida with my parents for Mother’s Day weekend. I’m hoping to get in a good amount of family time, reading time, and beach time while I’m there!


So far the week has been pretty… meh. Mentally, it’s actually going downhill quite a bit. BUT I am taking care of myself. I’m taking my meds every day and my first appointment with my therapist is on Monday. I also kind of lost my job so that didn’t help. I do have my aunt’s suprise birthday party Saturday (today as you read this probably), which should be fun since most of the family is coming together. And on Sunday evening I’m going out for dinner with my parents for Mother’s Day. Other than that, this week has been pretty unspectacular. OH but I did binge watch Parenthood. And loved it. So there’s that.

Book Haul


Only one book this week! I’m so proud of myself, haha. I got an ARC of this one through #booksfortrade.


I couldn’t resist these pretties when I saw them up on Edelweiss!

Books Read/Currently Reading


It’s been kind of a sad reading week for me, in terms of number of books– although, I am drafting this post early, so it’s likely I may have finished more books than these by the time you’re reading this post. BUT, I loved both of these! The Lara Jean books will forever hold a dear place in my heart– I think this one might be my very favorite of the three. Heartless was just tons of fun– classic YA at its best (plus, the audiobook was one of the best I’ve listened to in a while!).

I’m really enjoying this one so far! The portrayal of Norah’s mental illness is fantastically done.


Read: It’s been a pretty good reading week, the first one in a while, admittedly. Though I didn’t have any books that wowed me, I still ready two that I really enjoyed a lot. The Love Interest kind of disappointed me for the most part, but The Shadow Cipher was a really fun, awesome middle grade read and Deacon Locke Went To Prom was charming and fun, though nothing too spectacular.

Currently reading: Really enjoying this one a lot so far! I adore Patrick’s writing and his characters are always SO real. They leap off the pages.

Currently Obsessing Over


Watching: The Great British Baking Show Masterclass // I’ve mentioned before that GBBO is my go-to comfort watch, but my roommate and I have recently discovered the Masterclasses that go along with each season and we. are. OBSESSED. It’s literally just Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood showing you how to bake things the contestants had to bake every season– AKA all my dreams.

Listening: Coffee with Chrachel // I realized recently that I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this podcast on the blog, which makes NO sense because it’s my number one favorite podcast. I’ve never missed a single episode. Seriously, Chris and Rachel keep me sane. If you like conversation-style podcasts, you will love this one!


Okay, so you might have already seen this, but I HAVE to share it because it’s SO fabulous and my love for Tom Holland has just become endless. He’s the best. Just watch this.

How was your week? Did you get any exciting new books? What are you currently obsessing over?



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  1. I have Heartless audio on hold at the library and can’t wait to get it!!! Looks like you ladies both got and read some good books this week. Bee that video was awesome!! Madelyn I need to check out GBBO Master Class! Have a great week!

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