Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2016

Posted June 14, 2016 by Christy || 33 Comments


Christy’s Most Anticipated Releases

our chemical heartsthis is our storyall in piecesthe killer in me

shutterlast seen leavingbright smokeheartlessnevernight

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What are some of your most anticipated releases for the second half of 2016? Do we have any of the same?

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33 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2016

  1. You have such a different list to me, this is great because now there are more reads I can add to my list!! I’ve seen This Is Our Story on a few anticipated lists already, but Shutter looks like it could be something I’d be totally interested in.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Nevernight is definitely one that I am interested in. I havent heard much of the the other books you’ve listed, I better check them out 🙂

  3. Ooh I really like how you went for these dark covers, Erica! I’m very excited about All In Pieces and Last Seen Leaving. And I’m very curious about Nevernight too though a bit unsure if I want to read the book immediately or wait until the whole series is out.

  4. The Killer in Me intrigues me, and I love the cover for it. I can’t wait for Bright Smoke Cold Fire, I wasn’t a great fan of Cruel Beauty but I love the sound of this one so I look forward to giving this author another try.

  5. This Is Our Story definitely sounds good! It’s not one of my most anticipated, but I definitely want to read it. That cover is so unique.

  6. I can’t wait for This Is Our Story and Nevernight! It seems the second half of 2016 would be filled with dark and badass books!

  7. I’m hearing so many great things about Nevernight, so that’s definitely a highly anticipated one! I’ve actually never heard of This Is Our Story, so I need to check that out asap!

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