The Pro’s & Con’s of Being a Mood Reader

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It’s a well-established fact that there are two different types of readers. You have the organized reader that pick their next read according to priority (ARC release dates, blog tours, etc) and the mood reader. I like to think I’ve found the golden road between the two of them, but mostly I’m part of that second group. I choose my next book according to my mood. BUT I will always try to pick an ARC or review copy that fits in that mood first because those have priority. A mood reader often binges the same genre for a while because they’re in the mood for it and they won’t even look at other genres when that happens. Of course, this comes with a few pro’s and con’s, as does everything. So I decided to list them for you today. Let’s start with the positive!


#1 You’re more likely to enjoy the book you pick up

This is the most obvious one because naturally when you pick up a book you’re actually in the mood for, your chances of enjoying are higher! Of course the book itself can disappoint, there’s no garantuee you’ll love it. But you have better odds at least. For me there’s nothing more fun than picking my next read, a book I’m REALLY in the mood for and ending up adoring it to pieces. It’s a great feeling. In my opinion, a special one reserved for us mood readers. Though if you’re the other type of reader, of course you can be in the mood for the next book on your list and enjoy it to bits, but it’s not quite the same.

#2 Think of all the backlist titles you have to choose from!

One of the great advantages of reading according to your mood and not a schedule of release dates and blog tour deadlines is that you can explore that giant TBR and check out some books that have been on there for a while. You can finally pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read forever! This way our backlist TBR shrinks, even if only a tiny bit.

#3ย That’s it really

Yeah I’m an inspirationless apple. I can’t think of more pro’s. But they often outweigh the con’s so there’s that?


#1 But what about ARC release dates and blog tours?

Unlike more organised readers, mood readers have a tendency to miss deadlines a lot. Sure we can make a monthly TBR but will we keep to it? Probably not. Because what if we’re in the mood for a book when making said TBR but you’re not anymore when the time comes to actually read it? Mood readers + deadline pressure = No no. If we feel like we HAVE to read a book because it releases next week or your date for the blog tour is closing in on us, it dampens our enjoyment of the book, sometimes quite drastically. I know that if I’m forced to read a book, I’ll be more likely to dislike it or even just not finish it. So yeah… those ARC’s miiiight get read in time? But they also might not? Who can say, really.

#2 Switching back and forth between reads, thus changing shelves a lot

This might just be me, but I do this a lot. I am in the mood for a certain book and start reading it, so I go to goodreads and add it to my currently-reading shelf. I even add a status update saying “yay I’m finally reading this!!!!”. But then the next day… that mood is gone and I don’t want to read it anymore… So I take it off that shelf and pick another read, confusing everyone in the process. Oops?

#3 Books will be put on hold or not finished when the mood is suddenly over

This one connects to the previous point because this is something I do OFTEN. When my mood for a book is suddenly dead and gone, I tend to choose between putting it on hold, back on my TBR if I haven’t even started it yet, or just straight up DNF’ing it. I put a book on hold when I’ve started it and definitely want to return to it some day when I’m in the right mood for it. I toss it back onto the TBR pile if I haven’t started it yet or was only one chapter in. And I DNF it if I wasn’t enjoying it anyway and have no interest in going back to it anytime soon. I don’t know why I don’t just wait until I’m further into the book before sliding it into my currently-reading shelf. I’m just impatient I guess.

#4 what if you can’t find the perfect book for your mood?

Oh this is an annoying one. Also one that happens quite often to me. I find myself being REALLY in the mood for a very specific book but then… can’t find a book that fits my taste?? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. It’s frustrating when it happens and leaves me disappointed and not reading anything at all.

The Verdict

At first sight it seems like the con’s win but I don’t think that’s true. The pro’s often far outweigh the con’s and I personally love being a mood reader, flaws and all. So the verdict?

Can you think of more pro’s or con’s for being a mood reader? Are you a mood reader yourself? Tell me about it in the comments!

24 responses to “The Pro’s & Con’s of Being a Mood Reader

  1. Sometimes I reeeeally can’t find a book to fit my mood. You know, expect for a book not released yet that I don’t have. lol I’ve wasted hours looking at my shelves and Goodreads page trying to figure out what to pick up next before. I’m trying to be more on a schedule lately but it’s hard when I’m often a mood reader.

  2. I’m so bad at finding books that match my mood that I eventually ended up not considering myself a mood reader๐Ÿ˜‚ I always make monthly TBR piles but they always end up a bit random in selection and every book on it is a backlist release because keeping up with new releases can be so tiring at times.

  3. I’m definitely a mood reader, and I feel con #1 so much. I’ll request a book that sounds super interesting at the time, but then when I’m supposed to read it I don’t feel it anymore. Great post!

  4. Great list of pros and cons!! I am totally an organized reader that follows a schedule. That is more with blogging really than before. I do try to pick fro my pool of books for the month based on mood though – if that makes sense. I know if I put a book down though I will probably not pick it up again so I try to power through.

  5. I’m such a mood reader! I order books a lot online and by the time it’s mailed, I don’t feel like reading it at all. It totally sucks! A pro, for me, is that I don’t have to worry much about deadlines for ARCs or blog tours. I don’t request ARCs or do blog tours much because it adds so much pressure on myself. Reading is supposed to be fun in my opinion and I don’t like having deadlines. It just takes away the fun of reading, in my opinion, considering that I also have to do school work.

  6. “That’s it, really” ๐Ÿ˜‚

    I wish to be an organized reader … I try by making lists, but it’s so hard to push through a book I’m not “feeling” at the moment. And I’d rather not force it, because it can really affect my reading experience!

  7. I am a mood reader and a scheduled reader. I see all your points here. I like having a week planned out then i can mood read from that list. I still sometimes waver from the list though.

  8. I’m definitely a mood reader. It would probably be easier for me if I wasn’t, but I don’t think I can change and I wouldn’t want to ruin my love of reading by forcing myself to read books I’m not in the mood for. That’s why I don’t sign up for a lot of blog tours these days.

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