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Hi, everyone! Today, I’m here to do the Love, Simon book tag, which was created by Kathleen @ Worth a Thousand Words. (Speaking of which, Kathleen is one of my favorite newer BookTube discoveries, and I definitely recommend subscribing to her channel!) I of course adore both Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda AND its film adaptation, which I’ve now seen three times. It might be my favorite ever book-to-movie adaptation, honestly. This tag consists of nine questions that correspond to scenes from the film. Don’t worry, though– it’s spoiler-free for people who haven’t seen the film or read the book! If you have, though, you’ll catch the allusions. 🙂

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I like your boots: Talk about a cringey book romance.

Hi, my name is Madalyn, and I HATE The Bronze Horseman. The romance between Tatianna and Alexander is beyond toxic– full of abusive behaviors, a lack of consent, and an unbalanced power dynamic due to the CREEPY AF age gap (Alexander is 22; Tatiana is 16. SIXTEEN. And he fetishizes her *~purity~* the entire time. BARF.). Just… ew. Steer clear of this dumpster fire.

Liberal University: Shout out your favorite diverse book!

Since diverse books make up almost all of my reading, I obviously couldn’t only pick one to shout out. So I picked ten. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ These are all on my “forever favorites” shelf on Goodreads, which is the highest honor I bestow upon books I read, lol.

(Side note: this scene in the film is a national treasure. I love it so much.)

Drunk Simon: Talk about an adorkable book character.

I could have gone with any of Jenn Bennett’s YA protagonists for this, tbh, but I ended up deciding on Bex from The Anatomical Shape of a Heart! She draws cadavers and other medical illustrations, and she even blogs about it.

Blue: Talk about a book with a surprise ending.

No spoilers, obviously, but there’s a twist at the tail end of this thriller that I did NOT see coming. I felt all smug because I thought all my predictions about the culprit had been correct, but HAHA NOPE, SURPRISE.

A goddamn superhero: Talk about a book scene that gave you secondhand embarrassment.

The plot of this one is simple: our main character, Desi, hatches a plan to win the heart of a hot new guy at her high school. She bases this “foolproof” plan on the formulaic plots of the Korean dramas she grew up watching with her dad. As you might imagine, sheer hilarity ensues. I felt so much secondhand embarrassment at Desi’s antics throughout this book, ahhhhh.

Oreos: Pick a book that is super sweet!

The Start of Me & You is one of my all-time favorite books, and the first book I thought of when I read this question. Paige’s character growth, the girl friendship, the romance… all unbelievably sweet.

Ferris wheel: A book that took you on an emotional ride.

Anyone who reads the blog or follows me on Twitter has seem me scream about The Girl with the Red Balloon for almost a year now, so I’ll keep it brief: this book tore me apart and put me back together. One of the most emotional stories I’ve ever read. I completely didn’t expect it to affect me so profoundly– I still think about this story almost every day. READ IT READ IT READ IT IT’S GENIUS.

Daniel Radcliffe phase: Your first literary crush.

I know this is probably unoriginal, but I had the biggest crush on Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter series growing up. And it really has never abated, tbh. I adore those two.

Love, Simon: A book with a happy ending that makes you believe in happy endings.

I have to go with a classic HEA for this question: Pride & Prejudice. No explanation necessary.

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and of course, my fellow Simon-loving coblogger, Bee!

Have you seen Love, Simon yet? If so, which scene is your favorite? If not, do you plan to see it?

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16 responses to “The LOVE, SIMON Book Tag!

  1. OMG I had no idea how creepy The Bronze Horseman was. Why does no one talk about all those issues you mentioned????? I swear the romance community sometimes drives me mad with their romanticizing of toxic heroes.
    Ooh I had no idea you had read I SEE YOU! That ending shook me too! I thought I had it ALL figured out.
    I did see Simon and adored it!!

  2. I hate The Bronze Horseman and the romance in it. I DNF it because of it. Thank you. Finally someone with the same issues as me about the book.

  3. The Bronze Horseman is a book raved about in my romance groups. Glad I didn’t fall for the hype (because I had with other books, and been disappointed).

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