The Killer In Me by Margot Harrison

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The Killer In Me by Margot HarrisonThe Killer in Me by Margot Harrison
Published by Disney-Hyperion on July 12th 2016
Pages: 368
Format: e-ARC
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Seventeen-year-old Nina Barrows knows all about the Thief. She’s intimately familiar with his hunting methods: how he stalks and kills at random, how he disposes of his victims’ bodies in an abandoned mine in the deepest, most desolate part of a desert.

Now, for the first time, Nina has the chance to do something about the serial killer that no one else knows exists. With the help of her former best friend, Warren, she tracks the Thief two thousand miles, to his home turf—the deserts of New Mexico.

But the man she meets there seems nothing like the brutal sociopath with whom she’s had a disturbing connection her whole life. To anyone else, Dylan Shadwell is exactly what he appears to be: a young veteran committed to his girlfriend and her young daughter. As Nina spends more time with him, she begins to doubt the truth she once held as certain: Dylan Shadwell is the Thief. She even starts to wonder . . . what if there is no Thief?

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Thoughts

When I first saw the book The Killer In Me I knew that it was a book that I just had to have.  I’m a sucker for a good twisted book and this one definitely sounded very twisty.  I mean, did you read that summary? It sounds twisted as hell.

On the outside, Nina seems like a ordinary 17 year old girl, but Nina’s world is darker than it seems.  See, Nina has a front row seat into the mind of a serial killer and she has for as long as she can remember.  Nina doesn’t know why she has this connection with a killer whom she calls, The Thief, but it’s there and it’s about time she figures out what to do about it.

I absolutely loved the idea behind this book.  A girl who can look into the mind of a killer?  That’s all kinds of twisted, but at the same time, kind of intriguing, if you like a little dark and scary in your life.  Although this book started a little slow, by the halfway mark it had picked up and I really wanted to know what was going to happen.

Warren, I think he was my favorite character.  While I liked Nina, she was a little naïve and in my opinion, there were some things she should’ve done sooner instead of trying to shut it all off and pretend it wasn’t happening.

I really liked how the title was incorporated, of course I can’t go into details, but in the end everything comes together.

Favorite Quote

“Nobody knows your face or name, but everybody knows there’s a wolf circling the flock.  A thief in the night. It’s like being a supervillain.  Satisfying to your ego.”


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3 responses to “The Killer In Me by Margot Harrison

  1. I was curious about this one because of the concept. It’s good to know before hand that the book is a little slow at first. And hmm I hope the MC doesn’t bother me too much with how naive she is. But I’m intrigued though so I’ll pick it up at the library!
    Great review, Christy!

  2. I’m a fan of the mystery genre and this sounds amazing. Putting this on my TBR now, thanks for introducing me to this one. Great review! 🙂

  3. kirstymariejonesstudioreads

    Yup, It definitely sounded like an us book! I read a more negative review like two minutes ago, so nice to see a different side to it. Still not sure about the Nina though, like she should be the more well rounded one, but atthe same time, I guess her naivety makes her all the more unreliable.
    and I kind of feel like I think I know the twist without even reading it? But I’ll be reading it soon, so will probably dm you theories. 😉

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