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The. Hunger. Games. Hopefully, we have your attention because what we are about to introduce is something really exciting for us. Christy has thought of this awesome idea that allows our blogs to come together…and fight till their death. Okay, not really…but you’ll see what I mean.

We want to invite you guys to join us for The Hunger Games: Bookish Edition.

Christy was inspired by the map below and thought of this awesome idea.

hunger games map

We want to get some blogs together and have them put up books (their tributes) to battle it out in the arena (your blog). Obviously there are 12 districts and one girl and one boy is chosen…but there will be two books chosen for each district.

Christy and I wanted the books chosen to tie in with each District. So, for District 12 you can choose a book that has a setting in Tennessee or Kentucky or you could have a book dealing with mining, or mountains/woods. If you can find a book that ties in with the District in a different way then we suggest, go for it! We want you guys to be as creative as you can so we can have different books throughout.

Once you guys choose your 24 books (2 for each district) you will post them on your blog. You’ll have your readers vote and there will be one lone victor. That victor will then be put into The Quarter Quell. After all the blogs are finished and have their victors we will have a post where Novel Ink will showcase The Quarter Quell and the blogger who’s book wins will also win some Hunger Games memorabilia.

 We DO NOT have a set date, yet, but once we have all 24 blog spots filled, we will decide the dates and everyone will be able to give 2-3 dates as preference and we can go from there.  Our plan is to have 2 blogs post each day for 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us or message us on Twitter or any other way! We’ll be here. Also, if you have any other ideas to add to this, let us know. We’ll love to hear your thoughts/ideas.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

NOTE: For those that have already committed in our initial email, you don’t have to worry about filling out the form below 😉

The Hunger Games: Bookish Edition

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