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Black Friday. Most people familiar with this day know that it’s full of sales, but it’s also full of long lines, huge crowds, and a lot of chaos. You either love it or hate it, but most Americans would agree that the infamous day after Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday shopping season.

So what do bookworms do on Black Friday? My friend Erin from The Hardcover Lover and I thought about it, and we decided to take on the crazy day with a brand new book tag for you! Take a peek into the life of bookworms and what Black Friday means to them.


Thanksgiving Day Football:
There’s always a football games on Thanksgiving, and you always go against the norm. Maybe you’re not watching football. Maybe you’re cheering for a different team. What book makes you feel like the odd man out?

Cam Girl

I just wasn’t fan of this book…at all. I’m about to read Bad Boy by the same author, now known as, Elliot Wake, and it makes me go back to this book. I keep thinking about it and I just like it less and less the more I do. It stinks because I was really excited for it, but not everything works sometimes.

Most of us know that Black Friday sales really start on Thanksgiving, but before heading out to the malls and the big box stores, we celebrate everything we’re for which we’re thankful. What’s one book you’re thankful for this fall?

holding up the universe

I really am excited to read this book. I love All the Bright Places so much and just cannot wait to dive into this. I’m thankful I got my hands on it and I know Niven will make me feel many things.

Thanksgiving Dinner:
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and don’t forget the pumpkin and pecan pies for dessert. Oh, and your family… What’s a book that reminds you of the dinner company or all of that delicious food?

to all the boys

Definitely TATBILB! I love Lara Jean and her family & I go write to this book when I think of family meals and just delicious food in general.

Maybe you’re like Chandler Bing and hate family Thanksgivings. Maybe you just don’t celebrate this holiday with family. What is one book that makes you think about what dinner would be like with the friends that seem like family?

Harry Potter

& absolutely Harry Potter, here. I feel like Ron, Hermione and Harry perfectly depict friends that are family and all the dining hall scenes in this make me jealous of their relationships. They really are the best best friends ever!

Turkey Hangover:
Dress pants or jeans off. Yoga pants on. You’ve officially eaten way too much, and you’re starting to feel sluggish. What’s one book that just made you so tired that you didn’t think you’d be able to do anything for the rest of the day?


I could not get into this book and every time I picked it up I would choose to take a nap rather than to continue reading and I think that fits the bill of this category.


Black Friday Must Haves:
Your dinner has digested, and you’re ready to hop in the car and drive off to the first of your Black Friday destinations. Just like the list you set out with in the early morning, what are the top five books that you want for Christmas? (Okay… if you must, we’ll totally let you expand this!)

This is a hard one & I’ll be doing a list instead of pictures cause…space.
Empire of Storms (UK), A Torch Against the Night, 738 Days, The Raven King, Nevernight (UK).

The Long Line:
Let’s face it, not matter how early or late you get to the stores, you’ll be waiting in long lines. It could be to get in, or it could be to check out. What book do you plan on reading in line while waiting for all the sales to start or to check out?

stalking jack

I’m currently reading this bad boy and it’s taking awhile because my slump but I’m really enjoying it!

Everybody’s got that one item that’s on the top of their list that everyone else needs to have. What’s one book you, along with many others in the book community just need to have this holiday season?

I’m a host and I fail at this…I don’t know -.-

You’re in the store, and suddenly, chaos erupts and you’re in the middle of a stampede. What one of your prized books would you protect from the disorder and the chaos?


Love. Love. Love. I would not let a single thing happen to this book.

Black Friday Score:
Some deals are worth the long lines and craziness that happens on Black Friday. Do you have any books that were completely worth the price?


Got this at a book signing so it was a bit over the price I would normally pay, but it’s Gemina, so completely worth the extra dough.

The Not So Great Deal:
Black Friday has some great deals, but sometimes, there’s a flop. What’s a book you were really looking forward to but let you down?

i was here

Hated this book and loved other books by Gayle. Just a complete let down.

All Snug in Their Beds:
You’ve just had exhausting night/early morning of shopping. What book will you be reading right before your head hits the pillow?

To be completely honest, right before my head hits the pillow I’m watching The Food Network Channel. It is my go to show before going to bed so that’s definitely what I’ll be watching!


Tis the Season:
The craziest shopping night of the year is over, and now it’s time to focus on the upcoming holidays. What are some of your favorite holiday and winter reads?

harry potter

I actually haven’t read Harry Potter (I know I used it for an answer above, I’m cheating, I know), but I correlate HP with Christmas time and feel like a lot of people start to read or re-read this series during this time of the year.

Christmas/Holiday Gifts:
Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday always allow us to buy gifts for the ones we love. Even if those gifts are on sale, it’s still the thought that counts, rights? What are some gifts you love to give to your friends and loved ones?

I’m a homemade gift connoisseur so I love giving my loved ones homemade gifts. I get crafty and just make something I know they’ll enjoy. It is simple but it is from the heart so that means a lot!

Colder Weather:
Fall is in full swing, and it’s probably getting colder where you live. Maybe it’s already snowing… What book reminds you of the colder weather that comes with the holiday season?

let it snow

Pretty self explanatory here. Snow on the cover, title being Let it Snow, perfect choice.

H – How do you spend your time on Black Friday? Relaxing. 
O – Oven’s on! What’s in it? I’m baking, definitely. I’m the dessert maker in the house.
L – Laughter is coming from your family’s dining room, tell us a joke you’ve learned through your family gatherings! My step-dad is the jokester. He comes up with so many different jokes all the time. His newest joke… Why was the cow sad?…….Because he was in a bad moooooood.
I – Is the actual meal your favorite, or are you more of a dessert person? What’s your favorite meal? I love my desserts but when it comes to Turkey day I am all for the meal. I love stuffing. Mmmm.
D – Day is over, and the evening is winding down. Are you hopping in the car or hopping into bed? Or are you skipping out on shopping and patiently waiting for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? I am definitely awaiting Gilmore Girls: A year in the life!
A – Are you more of a Thanksgiving or Christmas/holidays type? I enjoy Christmas more. 
Y – Your favorite holiday traditions? My family really doesn’t have any. I just love spending time with them, traditions or not.
S – Santa, real or not real? (A little THG homage). Real, duh!

Thank you all so much for reading this new tag. I hope you all take part in it. I know Thanksgiving and Black Friday are soon, but with Christmas a little bit away this can be done at any time. I tag everyone so please feel free! <3 

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  1. This is really fun to read! It’s a shame that we don’t have thanksgiving here where I live, I feel kinda lost on some categories 😀 I love your answers for thanksgiving dinner and friendsgiving, they are so on point. Love this! <3 Happy thanksgiving!

  2. I’m so glad we did this! It was fun finally being able to collaborate with my bestie, and I’m so happy with how this tag turned out.

    Now… I love how we never discussed our answers, but we ended up with a few of the same answers! Twinning for the win!

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