Sunday Showdown (16) August Covers

Posted July 27, 2014 by Christy || 2 Comments

It’s almost August!!! That means it’s almost my birthday, *raises glass* here’s to wishing for lots of bookish presents 🙂 
Here’s a few of my favorite August covers:

Which is your favorite?


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2 responses to “Sunday Showdown (16) August Covers

  1. kirstymstudio

    Whoo, hope you do get a lot of bookish things! I don't, well except of my cousin, otherwise I get wine. I don't drink wine. So I regift it to someone else (that's bad, right? But I mean, it's just going to go to waste otherwise) or just give it to friends. But anyway, onto the covers!

    Hands down, Mortal Danger, it's just the infinity and the blood against the white (now that sounds really bad). I want to like Between the Spark and the Burn, but nope.
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