Review: Initiation by Imogen Rose

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Initiation by Imogen Rose

Format: Kindle
Pages: 414
Series: Bonfire Academy (#1)
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From Goodreads:

Welcome to Bonfire Academy. Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. Enter at your own risk… but if you are human, you may not want to enter at all.

This is part one of the prequel series (Bonfire Academy) in the Bonfire Chronicles. Book two, INTEGRATION, will be released summer 2012.


Cordelia is a demon princess who is starting her third and final year at a private school for paranormals; The Bonfire Academy.  Cordelia is expecting her last year to be easy with nothing to do except concentrating on Tennis and her boyfriend, Quinn, but the Student Council President has other ideas for her. 
Cordelia is asked to mentor a half-human/half-demon twelve year old girl named Faustine, who is also a demon princess.  After being attacked, Cordelia quickly realizes that her last year at the Bonfire Academy isn’t going to be as easy as she had hoped it would be. 
I absolutely loved the characters in Initiation.  The main character, Cordelia was really easy to like and a wonderful mentor to Faustine.  Jagger is a total hottie and an absolute charmer.  Faustine, although she is very young, she really speaks her mind and she really come into her own by the end of this book.  I’m not really sure how I feel about Quinn, he seems too perfect.  
Initiation had me hooked from the very beginning; it was a very fast read for me.  There are a lot of ‘private school’ books out there but Initiation was very fresh and it has just enough action and mystery to keep your attention to the very last page.  I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one.
~An E-book copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affected my review, all opinions are my own. ~


“Get rid of Quinn.  You belong to me now.”
“For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, someone introduce me to him,”


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6 responses to “Review: Initiation by Imogen Rose

  1. I think I might have this one on my kindle. I’m not for sure, I’ll need to double check, but thanks for the reminder about it! I’m so glad that it was so amazing, I really need to fit it in soon!

  2. Wow this series sounds intriguing- I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before! I’ll have to pick it up 🙂

    I’m following your blog now so I don’t miss any reviews!

  3. Wonderful review and the series sounds intriguing, It is definitely something I want to read. You are right about how many private and boarding school books there are right now, so thanks for pointing out why this one stands out from the masses. I am a new follower.

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