Perfect Days: Raphael Montes

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Perfect Days: Raphael MontesPerfect Days by Raphael Montes
Published by Penguin Press on February 16th 2016
Genres: Adult, Thrillers
Pages: 272
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

A twisted young medical student kidnaps the girl of his dreams and embarks on a dark and delirious road trip across Brazil in the English-language debut of Brazil’s most celebrated young crime writer.

Teo Avelar is a loner. He lives with his paraplegic mother and her dog in Rio de Janeiro, he doesn’t have many friends, and the only time he feels honest human emotion is in the presence of his medical school cadaver—that is, until he meets Clarice. She’s almost his exact opposite: exotic, spontaneous, unafraid to speak her mind. An aspiring screenwriter, she’s working on a screenplay called Perfect Days about three friends who go on a road trip across Brazil in search of romance. Teo is obsessed. He begins to stalk her, first following her to her university, then to her home, and when she ultimately rejects him, he kidnaps her and they embark upon their very own twisted odyssey across Brazil, tracing the same route outlined in her screenplay. Through it all, Teo is certain that time is all he needs to prove to Clarice that they are made for each other, that time is all he needs to make her fall in love with him. But as the journey progresses, he digs himself deeper and deeper into a pit that he can’t get out of, stopping at nothing to ensure that no one gets in the way of their life together. Both tense and lurid, and brimming with suspense from the very first page, Perfect Days is a psychological thriller in the vein of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley—a chilling journey in the passenger seat with a psychopath, and the English language debut of one of Brazil’s most deliciously dark young writers.

Dear Teo,

     You are one messed up fella…quite delusional if I may add. You find a girl that you quite quickly become smitten with & boom, you are in love. Not only that, but you decide to kidnap her. What has this world come to? Oh well, I moved past that so I could enjoy the rest of your story.

     But, you fell flat for me. I don’t think you would normally, but after reading a man’s story similar to yours (JOE) I just fell and went comparing away. You weren’t as intriguing nor did you keep me engaged. Hey, it totally may be a whole…it’s not you, it’s me thing.

     It isn’t your fault, Teo, that I read Joe’s story first. It’s not your fault that Joe has this craziness to him that you lacked. It may not even be your personality that was lacking. I think I had a hard time with how your story was told. I wasn’t captivated with the style. Your story had a dark and hilarious feel to it, but it was more funny than dark and that was what upset me.

     Teo, I did enjoy your story, I just kept wanting more. I said this before, it could totally be a it’s not you, it’s me moment we have going on here. I feel like someone else could enjoy your story so much better. I do want to say thank you for sharing your story. It must have taken a lot out of you to come clean about how crazy you are…though, you don’t really think you are. Oops.

Sincerely, Erica

Thank you to Penguin Press for sending me this copy for review!

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8 responses to “Perfect Days: Raphael Montes

  1. Hmm. Admittedly, I was surprised by your review (but loved the letter-to-the-character style!)… but to each their own. From the synopsis, I was drawn in… and I haven’t really been into this type of read for a while. Who knows? Perhaps since I haven’t met/read Joe, we may hit it off? Thanks for the share!

  2. I love how you styled your review! Just reading that synopsis gives me the creeps.. a girl named Clarice? Now that’s red-flag #1. Anyways, I don’t usually read adult but I do find that most of the best thrillers are in that age group, so I might pick this one up, despite your somewhat low review. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it more since I didn’t read about Joe yet!

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