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Novel Th(ink)

Novel Th(ink) is the new name for our Thinking out Loud (discussion posts). We saw somewhere that someone had Thinking out Loud so we thoughthey, let’s come up with a new name…and Novel Th(ink) came to life. I bet you all can tell why we chose this. It’s basically our name, but let’s you know our minds are at work and we were thinking (or were we)? You’ll never know, we’re pretty good at hiding how our discussion posts come together. Well, anyway, I’m introducing our new name today because I have something I’d like to discuss, my favorite genre.

Erica’s Favorite Genre

Today we usually do Top Ten Tuesday but it was a topic we chose to not do this week. But, it tied in with something I have wanted to talk about for some time now. The topic was Ten Books I Enjoyed Recently That Weren’t My Typical Genre/Type of Book.On a previous post of mine I told you guys I would share with you my favorite genre…and how it would surprise you. Well the thing is…I don’t have one. I know, this may not be an awesome discussion because some of you may be with me in this.

I read the TTT topic and was like, but do I have that typical genre I go for and lately, it’s a hell no. I used to absolutely adore contemporaries but now I love fantasy. I think I just read anything I’m in the mood for and with me being a girl that mood changes more than I’d like to admit.

I don’t even have a preferred genre. Whatever sounds good at the time I pick it up. Anything that looks good, whatever it may be, I’ll pick it up. It really hit me lately. I have been in a slump for about a month now and people say, “pick up a book from your favorite genre,” and I’m like oh shit, what is that? I have no clue what book that may be or what I should do. Then they say re-read a favorite and I’m like okay…Illuminae (sci-fi), The Hunger Games* (Dystopian), The Wrath and the Dawn (Fantasy) or All the Bright Places (Contemporary). See my dilemma. My top four books are different genres so there’s no definitive answer I have here guys.

I don’t know what to choose when people ask me this question. I don’t know what my preferred genre is. I am an indecisive little gal and it’ll haunt me forever.

What is your favorite genre? How do you know it’s your favorite? Does it give you the warm, fuzzy feelings? Tell me. Help me be more decisive. 

*Speaking of The Hunger Games if you are interested in putting books up to fight till their death (no books will actually be harmed) then you need to sign up for The Hunger Games: Bookish Edition. You’ll put up books and the favorite will win. If you book comes out on top you get to win some Hunger Games merch. Interested or want more information? Check out the post here.

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21 responses to “NOVEL TH(INK): My favorite genre!

  1. (My old comment got deleted or something gah)

    Anyways as I was saying, when I’m in a reading slump I try to re-read a favorite or something. It’s like asking what’s my favorite author… There’s not just one, lol. Great discussion!

  2. When I’m in a reading slump, the idea of re-reading books feels so backwards to me because I’m feeling bad that I don’t want to read books that are new to me, not books that I’ve already read. That doesn’t make me feel better and it doesn’t put me on a good path to start reading new books. But that’s just me. My fave genre has been YA Contemporary (issues books, not romance centric), but recently I feel like I’m getting bored with those. I think I just need to find awesome books that defy genre. And I don’t think you need to have a fave genre. It’s probably better if you don’t, that way you won’t get bored or feel like you’re starting to read the same story over and over.

  3. I have a couple of genres that are my favorites – contemporaries YA and adult, Mystery/Thrillers, Celeb memoirs are probably the tops. I do read everything though. I just tend to always enjoy those three genres while other genres tend to be hit or miss for me. Great discussion!

  4. My favourite books are apocalypse disasters like EMP, pandemic, zombies, prepper fiction. I love the excitement, the fast pacing and tension of these books, as long as they aren’t YA or romance heavy. I never get tired of this kind of book!

  5. I read a lot of different genres myself so it’s hard for me to define a favorite, so I feel you. I do tend to read a lot more of fantasy and YA, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read other genres as well. It’s just that there aren’t many of those other genres nowadays because publishing is all about trends. When I pick up a book, it’s never because of a genre, but because the story interests me.
    Great post, Erica!

  6. I am the exact opposite! I have always been kind of awed by people who don’t have a genre, because my tastes are just not eclectic enough to stray far from my comfort zone. That being said, I have a few genres I love, but I do get in moods for them and can go a whole year of old reading stuff from that genre, such as much current 8 month obsession with dystopia.

    Also, your blog is just absolutely gorgeous!

    My TTT.

    Also, feel free to check out the last week of our giveaway!

  7. I don’t really have a favorite either since I read and love so many but it didn’t use to always be that way. For awhile believe it or not, I only read mysteries. I can’t even believe how much I’ve branched out since then and thank goodness because I was missing out on so much by sticking to only one genre.

  8. I think that’s interesting that you don’t have a favorite genre. I think that, if you had a favorite, you would just know. It would just the thing that always catches your attention and makes you excited. But hey, by not having a preference, you get to enjoy a wider range of books and fully appreciate ALL the genres! So it’s not a bad thing!

  9. Oh no, I hope you get out of your reading slump :(. Hmm, have you tried “narrowing” your favorite genre to an age group, such as YA, adult, etc,.? If we are talking age group, my favorite is YA all the way. However, my favorite sub-genres are fantasy and romance, which is quite ironic because of how different they are. Yet, I like them the most because they give me a break from the other. I know those are my favorite genres because my favorite books are classified as that genre!

  10. SO. MUCH. YES. I have no genre! I mean, The Hunger Games isn’t a genre in itself, right? Because that could be our genre if so 😉 But in seriousness, I have none. I mean, if we’re talking age rage, I’m almost exclusively a YA reader. Sometimes NA, sometimes Adult, never MG. But as far as actual genre? I’m all over the place! Fantasy, dystopia, contemporary, historical, sci-fi… I could go on and on, they’re all great!

    Also, rereading THG does get me out of a slump sometimes- but then sometimes it can put me IN one because no other book can compare? It’s hard. Slumps are hard. I really hope yours goes away.

  11. Well sadly (or not sadly) I also have no genre. I read what I’m in the mood for at the moment. Like if I’m in the mid of reading contemporary but suddenly I want to read fantasy then I’ll switch book just like that 😀 I think my most-read genre is fantasy, but fantasy is a wide genre with so many sub-genre! I read 98% YA and a bit of NA and Adult here and there, but I have no particular favorite genre.

  12. This post is me. I’m a mood reader so I gravitate to whichever book my mood leads me to; whether it be sci-fi, fantasy or contemporary. I like trying new genres as well. I feel like I just want to dabble in a little bit of everything and see what works/what doesn’t.

  13. I have favourite genres usually -crime ficiton, historical and contemporary but if I read too much of one I get bored of the same tropes and sometimes the books all merge together in my memory. I’ve been enjoying reading books from different genres that have elements of what I like to read. Like contemporary YA or historical paranormal. I find it’s a good way to read outside of my comfort zone but still having something I know I’ll enjoy about a book

  14. Well this is kind of funny… I don’t think I have a favorite genre myself! At least, I THINK it’s Fantasy. But then again I love a lot of Dystopian and Sci-Fi books as well. Then there are times when I’d rather read Contemporary all day and I just… WHEN WILL I KNOW MY FAVORITE?!? How does that even happen?!??

  15. I think it’s fine not to have a favourite genre! My favourite books are from practically all the genres: contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, and a classic is on there as well! I think it means we have a wide range of tastes.

    I mean, the genre I usually read the most is probably fantasy, but I also read a lot of paranormal. So i think spec-fic is more accurate. But I am finding that I’m reading A LOT more contemporary as of late because most LGBTQIA+ books are contemporary.

    I think if I was to read a book from a go-to genre, it would be a spec-fic book, although sometimes I get sick of those kinds of books because they have a lot of the same themes, and then I’ll need a contemporary to help me from getting stuck in a funk XD

    So anyway, I think it’s fine not to have a favourite genre! It just means you love equally ;D

  16. I don’t think I have a favorite genre, but I do prefer contemporary. It’s just fun for me to read about something that could really happen.

    I’ve also been getting into a lot of science fiction lately. I don’t really even know how it happened, but I’ve been grabbing for quite a few sci-fi titles.

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