Novel Ink Designs Is Looking for a Brand Rep

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Novel Ink Designs is finally taking the plunge and looking for brand reps! I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while because I wasn’t sure if it would work out since my shop is still small and new but I think word of mouth is the best advertisement so I decided to go ahead with search!

For those of you who haven’t seen my designs, I thought I would include a few of my newest here 🙂

IMG_6331 IMG_6339 IMG_6346

🌟 What I’m Looking For:

– I’m not sure on how many reps I want as of yet, that’ll depend on applications. I’m *thinking* 4-5 with a few INT spots.

– As I’ve never done this before, I’m wanting reps for 3 months as of now. I want to try things out before committing to a longer timeframe

– The search will end on July 14th

🌟 What Will You Get:
– 1-4 pieces a month for 3 months (this could either be bookmarks, necklaces, keychains, bracelets, etc)
– 10% off code for your followers
– 20% off code for all personal orders

🌟 What’s required of YOU:

 – At LEAST one promotional post per week – Creative, colorful photos that showcase my design
– Have stated in your profile that you are a rep for Novel Ink Designs

🌟 How to Enter:

On Instagram
– Follow @cbookaddiction + @novelinkdesigns
– Repost the photo at the top of this post and tell me why you’d like to be a Novel Ink Designs rep. Also include if your INT or US.

– Make a collage or tag me in 4-5 photos that represent you and your account + don’t forget to include @novelinkdesigns AND #nidesignrep

*Note: If you don’t have an Instagram but you have a blog or YouTube you can still enter! Just write a post or make a vlog telling me WHY you want to become a rep and how would you promote my items at least 4X per month.

Good Luck!

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