Non-Bookish: Fall-Themed Q&A!

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I recently saw this adorable fall-themed Q&A on Grace’s blog, and I immediately knew I had to do it! It’s not book-related, but who doesn’t love some good fall questions, right? This Q&A is hosted by The Blended Blog.


Favorite fall sweet treat?

This isn’t necessarily just a fall thing, but I love sweet potato desserts: specifically, sweet potato doughnuts from my favorite local donut shop. (Are sweet potato desserts just a Southern thing? IDK)

Red, yellow, or green apples?

Love both red and yellow! But, like, not those nasty Red Delicious apples. Give me a good Gala or Macintosh apple any day.

Favorite fall sport to play?

Umm… none of them? Does singing in choir count as a sport?

Best drink for fall?

Coffee. Although, if I’m feeling fancy, a dirty chai is my number-one favorite.

Favorite fall activity?

Halloween parties and visiting a pumpkin patch (here’s my friends and I at my favorite pumpkin farm in North Georgia last fall)!

Must-have fall purchase?

Sweaters and cardigans.

Pumpkins: pick your own, or store-bought?

If I can make it to a pumpkin patch, definitely pick my own.

Real or fake pumpkins?


Favorite Halloween costume?

Oh, man. Last year, I had a couple great ones. My best friend Devon and I went as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr to a friend’s Halloween party. My friends and I also did a group Wizard of Oz costume (I was Glinda). And then, my personal favorite: Devon and I dressed up as each other.

College football or NFL?

Not a huge football fan, but I’d take college over NFL any day. I would probably be more into football if my university had a team that didn’t suck, tbh.

Fall or Halloween decor?

I love both, but I’m going to pick fall decor because I’m lazy and you can leave general fall decor up for much longer than you can Halloween decor.

Raking leaves or no leaves to rake?

I live in a city apartment. No leaves for me.

Favorite soup?

How can I pick just one?! I love a good, hearty potato soup or corn chowder. But I also love a spicy black bean soup, and butternut squash is always good in the fall.

Favorite fall candle scent?

I have a well-documented obsession with bookish candles, so I have to shout out a few of my faves to burn in the fall: the Red London candle from Reverie Library and the Over the Wall candle from Icey Designs.

Love or hate pumpkin spice?

I like it in moderation.

Short booties or tall boots?

Short booties! I like tall boots, but I’m barely five feet tall, and they make me look even shorter than I already am. (Pro tip for fellow smol humans: I always buy ankle booties from the kids’ section at Target. I can fit in a kids size 5 or 6, and they’re so much cheaper.)

Favorite Halloween candy?

Butterfinger cups! My recent obsession.

PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte): yes or no?

It’s not my favorite, but I don’t have a problem with it, either. I usually have one or two a year.

Hayride or corn maze?

Hayride! Corn mazes freak me out.

Favorite fall TV show?

I’m not a huge TV person, but I love watching HGTV in the fall!

I would love to know some of your answers to these questions! Do you have any fall favorites?

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