Monthly Novel Rewind: September 2017 | Hello, autumn!

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Novel Rewind is our version of a wrap-up post, where we discuss what we read and what we’ve been up to during the past month, as well as what’s ahead in the coming month.

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our most anticipated october release


I am TOO excited for this next installment in my favorite currently ongoing series.


It sounds fantaaaastic and looks so good and OMG I need it now.

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September went by in a total blur of work and school. I started off the month in Orlando for BookNet Fest, which was so much fun. Other than that, things have started to pick up at school, but I finally feel like I’ve gotten my routine down. Choir has once again begun taking over my life (not like I would have it any other way). A few of my good friends celebrated birthdays this month, which is always fun! Oh, and I weathered a hurricane with my family. It’s casual. Other than that, it’s pretty much just business as usual in my little corner of the Earth.


Not gonna lie, reading wise, I had kind of a bad month. Well, bad months, really. Actually the month overal was almost all bad… Not all though, there was some good in it. The main thing is that I finished my therapy at the hospital and am now ready to go back into blogging and reading and everything, so yay!


Madalyn (@hellomadalyn):

Meeting my bookish internet BFF, Emily @ Possibly Literate, was one of the highlights of my month. <3

next month


Fingers crossed that it actually starts feeling like fall here in Atlanta sometime soon… we’ve had temperatures in the high 80’s the past few weeks, and I am OVER IT. My friends and I have already started planning our annual Halloweekend (yes, we throw an entire weekend of Halloween parties). Our fall choral concert is also next month. It’s our first big performance of the school year, and it’s always once of my favorite concerts of every year (I can’t believe this is my last fall concert at Georgia State! what even).


I’m starting my new education next month so that’s super exciting but also scary. Other than that, I’m going to a few nerdy conventions with a friend so that should be fun!

king of the month


Oh man, you guys. Bardugo can do no wrong. I wasn’t originally planning on reading this one, but I am SO glad I picked it up, because HOLY HECK WAS IT STUNNING. The prose is lyrical, the stories are haunting, and the art is goooooorgeous. I expected to enjoy this one, but not to love it. I am so in awe of Leigh Bardugo’s mastery of her craft. If you’re a fan of the Grishaverse, you MUST pick this one up.


I only read one book this month but it was totally amazing so that still counts, right? It’s 5 stars, people. F.I.V.E.

How was your September? Any exciting October plans? Tell us the best book you read this month in the comments!


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2 responses to “Monthly Novel Rewind: September 2017 | Hello, autumn!

  1. Bee – I loved the Art of Feeling so much. 5-stars and put it on my favorites shelf. So good. Good luck with your new education and enjoy the cons.

    Madalyn – You read a lot of good books. I even see one of my newest faves (Autoboyography) and an older fave (AMJ). I am heading to NC this month, and I saw that my daughter is still wearing tanks and shorts. I hope the cooler weather heads down south to you all too.

    • I did! Loved both AMJ and Autoboyography so much– how are there SO many wonderful 2017 YA releases? It’s gotten a little cooler in the South this week, but fingers crossed it actually starts feeling like autumn soon! Have a great October. 🙂

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