Monthly Novel Rewind: February 2017

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Another month, another monthly rewind post! We can’t believe it’s March already. Here’s what we’ve been up to in reading and life over the past month!

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I don’t have a whole lot to report since my last weekly rewind post a few days ago. I was super busy with nonstop choir commitments all month, but it was all really fun! We have officially reached recital season at the School of Music– a bunch of my friends had their recitals last weekend (I’m literally livestreaming a friend’s graduate voice recital as I draft this post). It’s always so wonderful to see how people have grown as musicians over their years in music school. The catered receptions are always a plus, too. 😉 Otherwise, things are finally staring to quiet down in my life, existential crises about the future aside. The weather here in Georgia has been gorgeous lately, which has been lovely, and has really helped with my mental health.



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Madalyn’s Look Ahead:

March is going to be such a great month!! First off, it’s my birthday month, and I’m turing 21, which is super exciting. I’m also traveling to Minneapolis for five days for the American Choral Directors Association National Conference. I’m going with a bunch of my music teacher friends, and it’s going to be wonderful. Then, I have spring break– my parents, conveniently enough, live on a beach, so I plan to go home for most of the week. Looking forward to some chill time reading on the beach. 🙂 I also have my recital hearing for my junior recital toward the end of the month– eek!!

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I mean, were you expecting anything less?

How was your month? Did you read anything excellent? Anything exciting coming up? Let’s chat in the comments; we’d love to know!

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12 responses to “Monthly Novel Rewind: February 2017

  1. Oh you read some amazing books this month! I have Goodbye Days coming up and am excited. Sounds like Feebruary was busy!! We have had nice weather too and I have to say it totally makes a difference in how I feel. Yay for your birthday month and turning 21!!! Hope you have a great March lady!

  2. Sydney West

    I’m glad the weather in GA is helping your mental health. Mom told me its been lovely. You had a pretty good reading month my deer. After I read A Darker Shade of Magic last week, I wanted to read the next one but I’d borrowed the first book from my friend… So I just went on Amazon and bought all 3. #SorryNotSorry She is coming to Austin this friday and I might just make an appearance.

  3. Kelly

    Feel free to send some of that gorgeous weather my way! We’re finally above freezing most days, but I could use a bit more sun. Your March sounds so relaxing – enjoy it! And happy early birthday 🙂

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