Monthly Novel Rewind: December 2018 | Nice to meet ya, 2019!

Posted January 5, 2019 by Madalyn || 20 Comments

Novel Rewind is our version of a wrap-up post, where we discuss what we read and what we’ve been up to during the past month, as well as what’s ahead in the coming month.

It’s just me (Madalyn) on the rewind again this month! Bee is still on her maternity hiatus, but you can go send her some love on Twitter!

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our most anticipated january release

There are so, so many great books coming this month (especially great sequels!), but I think this one wins out as the release I’m MOST excited to read.

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every book read this month

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life & what’s happening

WE SURVIVED THE HOLIDAY SEASON! This was my first year as a non-student adult during the holidays, and, um, that got old really fast. I never realized how STRESSFUL the holidays are! Even with all the stress, though, I had a pretty great December. I spent a lot of time with friends, Drag Race came back for a new season, and I got to visit my parents in Florida for a few days for Christmas! I also was completely and utterly overwhelmed with love for the book community for pretty much the entire month. I received so many kind, thoughtful gifts from my incredible friends, and I’m still processing all the love, tbh. I also hit 1.5K subscribers on my BookTube channel! To close out the year, I did a liveshow on Kristin’s YouTube channel with fellow friends Jane and Alexa where we wrapped up our year in reading and looked ahead to 2019.


Our favorite ‘grams from this month!


My top nine photos of last year truly proved that 2018 really was 20gayteen.

Also, I’m planning on revamping my Instagram and posting a lot more bookish photos there this year! It won’t be a dedicated bookstagram, but it will be a hybrid of book and life things. I’d love if you gave me a follow!

next month

My January is jam-packed, and I think it’s going to be a fantastic start to the new year. Over MLK weekend, my aunt rented a cabin in the North Georgia mountains for pretty much my entire family, and I can’t wait to just hole up in the Appalachians for three days! Later that week, I’m planning on attending Roshani Chokshi’s Atlanta tour stop for The Gilded Wolves. And THEN, I get to spend five whole days in Seattle at the end of the month for ALA Midwinter! Excited for the books, but even MORE excited to spend time with some of my very best BookTube friends, Chelsea and Jane. If you’re going to ALAMW, please let me know! I’d LOVE to hang out!

king of the month

If you would have told me a few months ago that I would read a nonfiction book about plagues in the last month of 2018, and that I would fall in love with said plague book to the point where it would earn a spot in my year-end favorites, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. BUT HERE WE ARE, and now Jennifer Wright is one of my favorite authors!

How was your reading month in December? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? How did you spend the holidays? Are you going to ALAMW? Let’s chat in the comments!

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20 responses to “Monthly Novel Rewind: December 2018 | Nice to meet ya, 2019!

  1. EVERY TIME I SEE AN EMMA MILLS COVER I LOVE IT. They almost make me buy her books even though I have little interest in contemporary YA XD As for my December reading, I had my best reading month of the year (I think); a couple favorites would be This Way to the Sugar by Hieu Minh Nguyen (gorgeous poetry) and Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton (I love a good classic).

    Going forward, I think my most anticipated January release is King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. I honestly wasn’t a big Bardugo fan until this summer, when I read Ruin and Rising. I’d liked SOC + CK and the rest of the Grisha trilogy, but I hadn’t ADORED them, you know? But Ruin and Rising was SO GOOD. Now I finally understand all the Bardugo hype 🙂

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality

  2. Congratulations on 1.5K subscribers! That’s awesome. I am sad by some of your low rated books, because I liked them. I will have to check out your reviews on those. I am reading Roehrig’s book this week, so seeing 5-stars for that makes me happy!

  3. Good Lord, I don’t deserve you! But… I’m forever counting my blessings that I have you in my life! Even though you are the true queen. Especially now that I am 99% sure Julian is Demi and my heart is even more obsessed with that relationship that I healthily should be! I love, so damn much. And I hope you’re having the happiest of reading, sweetheart! 💗xx

  4. OMG I see ALA is going to be in Washington DC where my parents live?! Say what?! I heard people (especially teachers) get so many free books there! Oh, and I loved The Afterlife of Holly Chase! I couldn’t put that book down!

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