Monthly Novel Rewind: April 2018 | Goodbye, April showers; hello, May flowers!

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Novel Rewind is our version of a wrap-up post, where we discuss what we read and what we’ve been up to during the past month, as well as what’s ahead in the coming month.

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Two very different picks, but I’m super excited for both! The Brightsiders because I loved Wilde’s debut, Queens of Geek, and Bianca’s book because… it’s Bianca Del Rio.


I mean… How can I not be excited about this one?

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Guys, I think I finally have my reading groove back! At the beginning of this year, I just wasn’t loving any of the books I was reading, but this month is a very different story– I rated almost all of these four-stars or higher. SO many good reads this month.


I didn’t read that much this month BUT I did have a lot of luck, to be honest. I mean, you really can’t do much wrong with two Becky Albertalli books.

life & what’s happening


Hi, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful month of April. For me, April was mostly about finishing another semester, which was my last semester of “real” college, since I’ll just be student teaching and not taking classes for my remaining semesters. I said goodbye to the choir that has been my home and my heart for the past four years. I also got to spend a lot of time hanging out with friends this month, which was, of course, fun. I went to a couple drag shows and continued to be shook by this season of RuPaul’s drag race. And I attended the launch event for Leah on the Offbeat, which in addition to Becky, also featured authors Emily X. R. Pan (The Astonishing Color of After) and Aisha Saaed (Written in the Stars; Amal Unbound). The event was PACKED. I always love seeing all my Atlanta bookish friends and making new ones! Plus, Becky loved my Leah-inspired look, so my life is basically complete. Also, it finally feels like spring here in Atlanta! Spring is by far my favorite season in this city– I love all the festivals and hanging out at Piedmont Park and eating on my favorite restaurants’ patios.

Oh, and in blogging news, I announced last week that I will be a panelist on the Blogging Story panel at Blogbound Con in New York this year! I’d love to see some familiar faces in the audience, if you can make it.


Okay so April was a strange month for me because I had so much time but I didn’t really read all that much. I bought the last stuff for the baby’s room and I can feel her kick constantly, which is so weird! I also heard her heartbeat, which was all kinds of magical. BUT I still can’t see myself as a mom, doing the mom thing. Having one of those smol adorable humans of my own. It’s such a bizarre thought, honestly. I can’t wrap my head around it.
I also went to the beach for three days with my boyfriend, which was so nice. I got to empty my head a bit and relax before the chaos starts when the baby is here. While we were there we went to see Avengers: Infinity War, which just wrecked me, honestly. I’m still recovering. Also an exciting thing that happened, I got an eARC of Cait’s (Paper Fury) book and I’m going to read it VERY soon and I shall let it stomp on my feels a lot.
That’s about it for April I think? Not much happened but at the same time a lot happened. It was weird.


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It’s May, which means it’s BookExpo month! I’ll be in New York from the 29th-June 1st. (I’m considering extending my trip so I can go to BookCon, too, but we’ll see how the money situation looks once it gets closer, haha.) If you’ll be at BookExpo or Blogbound Con, or if you’ll just be in the city during that time and you wanna get together, please let me know! I’m super excited, but also a bit nervous because it’ll be my first time at BookExpo. If you have any tips, send them my way! Other than that, this will just be a month of work and graduation parties, basically. ‘Tis the season.


I’m finishing up Emma’s room in May, first of all. And I hope to read more books than I did in April. So far I’ve had a pretty bad reading year, to be honest, which kind of sucks. Other than that I don’t have much planned? It’s Mental Health Awareness Month though so I’ll be doing a post on that soon on either this blog or on Quite The Novel Idea so keep your eye out for that. On Twitter I’m participating with #LGBTWIP and I’ll be talking about two of my projects through it so follow that thread if you’re interested!

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I couldn’t possibly choose between these three. The Kiss Quotient is quite possibly my new favorite romance ever. Leah was everything I wanted it to be, and I felt so seen in the representation. What If It’s Us was… utter perfection.


Like Madalyn said, this book was just utter perfection. I loved every single word that was written and Arthur and Ben are two precious cupcakes. My feels were properly stomped on and I cried and laughed and I had just a very good time. LOVE. Be sure to keep an eye out for this one and get a copy if you can!

How was your April? Is it starting to feel like spring where you are? Any exciting plans for May? Let us know in the comments!

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14 responses to “Monthly Novel Rewind: April 2018 | Goodbye, April showers; hello, May flowers!

  1. I really can’t wait to read both Leah on the Offbeat and What If It’s Us! I already got them lined up for this month, but I’m also taking it slow on the reading because “work-life balance” and all that.

    Hope you ladies have an awesome May!

  2. Madalyn: EEEEP awesome that you’re getting back into reading! The books I’ve been reading have been “eh”, so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things this month. D:

    Bee: So excited about all the baby stuff!!!! Keep us updated. ♥

  3. My best advice with Book Expo is to focus on the people more than the books because it gets stressful! Prioritize the must sees vs. the “would like to see if I have time” events/signings/galley drops. It’s impossible to do everything but it’s a lot easier to get organized if you focus on the must do’s first!

  4. Madalyn: April was the complete opposite for me! I definitely lost my reading groove and mood to pick books up, but so happy that that was not the case for you! Also congrats on finishing your last real term of college and good luck with student teaching!!!!

    Bee: Omg baby stuff!! I am glad you’re getting some time to relax before the baby comes! Sending good vibes your way!!

  5. Madalyn – that’s so exciting you’re having a better reading month! I’ve been busy with school, so I’ve only gotten a few reads and they’ve all been a mix… I would love to go to Blogbound and BookExpo, but alas, that’s not happening (I mean, my schedule is open and I could save up money, but I DO have to convince my mom to let me go and I already know the answer, haha).

    Bee – congrats on getting Cait’s book! I don’t think it’s available for the US, so I’ll be waiting until the novel comes out on pub date or start praying it appears on the library’s catalog so I can read it. ^_^ The baby stuff is super exciting!

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