Monthly Ink (4) // & Happy Birthday to My Dad <3

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Monthly Ink

How was the month of August for you guys? Summer is basically over, people going back to school and the joy of doing nothing all day is gone (AHHH :/). Well, not for me, which sucks. Finding a job down here sucks especially when I haven’t had one before. I feel like no one will hire me and it sucks. I can’t go to school because tuition for someone who is out of state is like triple the actual rate and I’m not rich, so I have to wait for that. Ugh, just a mess. That’s basically what my August has been like.

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Our Favorite August Read

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Blackmail Boyfriend ★★★★

Throne of Glass ★★★★★

Hope you all had an amazing month of August and wish you all the best in September.

Before I go, I want to wish my father a Happy 57th Birthday. 


I don’t have many pictures of my dad because he is always working for his two girls and I can’t thank him enough for being so amazing, strong, and hardworking. This was a candid photo at one of our corn-hole tournaments we hold every Labor Day. I just want to say thanks for being such an amazing Dad and hope you have a wonderful day. I love you ♥

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8 responses to “Monthly Ink (4) // & Happy Birthday to My Dad <3

  1. Awe, what an awesome B-Day message for your dad! You can really tell how much you love him and how special he is to you, so sweet! Gotta ask though, what’s a corn-hole tournament? Lol Hope things get better for you with your job hunt, have you tried going to a temp agency? Not sure how it works where your at but here in CA you don’t often need a lot of experience if your a college student to get temp jobs and receptionists and such. They start you off with minimal hours but it’s a way to gain experience fast so thought I’d mention it 🙂

  2. Happiest of birthdays to your dad!!! *throws confetti*

    You guys had a fantastic week!! I’m so happy to see Throne of Glass and Blackmail Boyfriends as your favorites since I will be reading both VERY SOON!! 🙂

  3. Believe it or not, people still hire even if you are not experienced. Search at libraries, bakery or coffee shops, the mall. They can put you on trial and see if you are good 🙂 Hell, my first real job was at the Admissions office of my college. I had no work experience in that area and I still got the job. Even ended doing the vacations for the head secretary. If I could do it, so can you 🙂 Stay positive!! <3 <3

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad! What a sweet message. 🙂

    I totally feel ya. Paying out of state tuition is a HUGE BURDEN. It’s so gosh darn expensive, and I can understand your need to work first. I truly hope the right job comes along for you. I feel like getting that first job is always the hardest. Good luck! Hopefully your September will be brighter.

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