Madalyn’s Novel Rewind (9)

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Novel Rewind is our version of a weekly wrap up post.  The three of us will be alternating weeks. We will be linking up to Stacking the Shelves and The Sunday Post.

Life Happenings

The craziness that has been my life as of late is finally starting to slow down a bit! I’ve been super busy with choir stuff (including wrapping our run of Carmina Burana with the Atlanta Ballet and singing a Valentine’s Day concert with Andrea Bocelli and special guest USHER). I’ve had a bit of an existential crisis this week– I’m starting to freak out about next year, since I’ll be student teaching, finishing college, and applying for grad school in just a few short months. I’M NOT READY TO BE A REAL ADULT, GUYS. But, on a happier note, I found out this week that I’ll be touring Austria and Germany with my wonderful choir this summer, and I could not be more excited! Also, the tea shop that I work in just started serving coffee, and I feel like a legit barista every time I make an espresso drink.

Book Haul



I bought not one, but two copies of ACOL, because I am trash for this series. I have no regrets.


I won an ARC of this one in a Twitter giveaway, and I actually danced around the lobby of my apartment complex when it came in the mail. Upside is probably my most-anticipated release of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited to have my hands on an early copy.

For Review:


The first two are from Netgalley. Timekeeper is the first audiobook I’ve ever received for review, and I’m pumped to listen to it!

Books Read/Currently Reading


I enjoyed all of these! They all got above 3 stars from me. Queens of Geek and The Female of the Species were especially fantastic, though.

Currently reading:

I AM FRAGILE. If you didn’t know, the Shades of Magic series is my favorite (no longer) ongoing fantasy series, and I have LOTS OF FEELINGS about this being the conclusion. I’m only a few chapters in, but I just adore this world and these characters so much. V. E. Schwab’s writing is so lyrical and deliberate. *retreats back into reading cavern, AKA my bed*

Currently Obsessing Over

The Carry-On by Away // I know what you’re thinking: a suitcase? Really, Madalyn? YES. REALLY. I got this bag as an early birthday gift from my parents, and it. is. incredible. I travel quite often, and I’ve needed a new suitcase for a while (carry-on-size, of course, because I have a *completely rational* fear of checking luggage and never do it). Away’s Carry-On has a hard case and a fancy lock, has tons of compartments on the inside, came with a waterproof laundry bag, and even charges your electronic devices. And it has a lifetime warranty! I have yet to travel with it, but I’m going on two trips next month and can’t wait to use it.

Dear Evan Hansen Cast Recording // My current musical theatre obsession! I’m a sucker for darker Broadway shows (I mean, Into the Woods and Next to Normal are my top two favorite shows), and I love that this one has a main character with social anxiety– something I deal with. This show has such a stellar cast, and the music is really great. Highly recommend!

What books did you get this week? Have you read any of the ones I mentioned? What are you currently obsessing over? 

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8 responses to “Madalyn’s Novel Rewind (9)

  1. Sydney West

    Girl you’re week was Lit. Andrea Bocelli? So jealous. And I mean usher too. And you got some great reading in. I know coming to the end of your schooling is nerve wrecking. But you can do this. Take time to rest and calm yourself when needed. Hope you keep up the dancing in the hallway!

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