Madalyn’s Novel Rewind (15)

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Novel Rewind is our version of a weekly wrap up post. We will be linking up to Stacking the Shelves and The Sunday Post.

Life Updates

This week has been pretty quiet and relaxing, for the most part. Last Saturday, my friend Jamee and I explored the Inman Park Festival (an annual outdoor festival here in Atlanta where local vendors and artists sell their wares). Despite it being ridiculously crowded and blazing hot, it was such a fun day! We bought matching flower crowns, watched a parade, ate some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had, and even stopped by my favorite local bookstore.  Then, I took my last final on Monday, so I’ve been enjoying the freedom of being officially DONE with school for the semester! To celebrate being done, my best friend and I walked over to Centennial Park the next day, ate an outdoor lunch there, and then explored the aquarium for a few hours (she has an annual pass, which comes with a guest pass). Then, we walked over to CNN Center and grabbed some ice cream. Such a relaxing way to celebrate the end of school. Thursday, some of my other friends and I visited various thrift and consignment shops around the city, where I found a few great pieces for summer! The past few days have been gloomy and rainy here, so it’s been the perfect reading weather.

Also, in blog news, I’ll be announcing my new co-blogger this week!! Get excited. 🙂

Book Haul


I obviously had to purchase the new Lara Jean book immediately. And when I saw Strange the Dreamer at my local indie bookstore, I couldn’t resist that dang gorgeous cover.


Both borrowed from my library– Heartless on audio; ACOWAR in e-book format.


For Review:

From Netgalley. (This one was SO GOOD, guys, omg. My review should be up in a couple weeks.)

Books Read/Currently Reading


It was definitely a productive reading week. Salt was definitely the standout of the week– the best poetry I’ve read in ages. If you’re a poetry fan, I can’t recommend checking out Nayyirah Waheed’s work enough. I think she and this collection are vastly underrated, especially compared to the popular poetry collections out there. I adored Secret of a Heart Note— the concept was so unique, and it was executed extremely well. I have lots of mixed feelings about Fireworks— it was okay??

*~Unpopular opinion time~* ACOWAR was… a mess. Such a mess. I was not planning on reading it, because not only had I kinda lost interest in the series and SJM’s writing in general, but I also had some moral qualms with supporting this book/series/author financially. I decided to pick it up when I was browsing my library’s collection  of ebooks and, to my surprise, they had this one. I buddy read it (critically) with my dear friend Emily @ Possibly Literate. I had so many problems with the representation here– especially of asexuality, bisexuality, and well, sexuality in general. Maas’s treatment of these characters and, especially, these identities within the context of this world, was so sloppy. It was abundantly clear no sensitivity readers had touched this book. I also had issues with the pacing and the lack of character growth in Feyre & Co. in this final installment. Plus, I haven’t read a book by SJM in so long, and I… had never realized how tedious her writing can be. There was so much repetition of words and phrases, and the ellipses and em dashes were just excessive. Idk. This was a disappointing end to this series. I’ve definitely fallen out of love with Sarah J. Maas’s books and characters, I think.

Currently Reading:

Ahhhh, I am LOVING spending time with Lara Jean again. <3 I adore this series so much; I can’t recommend it highly enough! I’m listening to the audiobook of Heartless and really enjoying it so far! The narrator is excellent.

Currently Obsessing Over


Bill Nye Saves the World // Thank you, Netflix, for bringing Bill Nye the Science Guy back to my television screen. I think this show is more nostalgia for my fellow millenials thank anything else, but I really enjoyed the episode on human sexuality! I have a few qualms with the show, but it’s really fun.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries // I also recently started rewatching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries from the beginning! Omg, my heart. This webseries is completely genius. I can’t believe it’s been FIVE YEARS since this show started.


Abigail Lapell, Hide Nor Hair // This artist came up in my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist a few weeks ago, and I immediately went to check out her full album. It’s exactly the kind of dark folk I can’t get enough of.

How was your week? Did you do anything fun, or buy any exciting books? What are you currently obsessing over?

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7 responses to “Madalyn’s Novel Rewind (15)

  1. It seems like you had an amazing week Madalyn, it sounds very fun and relaxing! Also, great book haul! I’m excited for both Always and Forever and Strange the Dreamer. I heard so much hype about ACOTAR series, but I have to admit that ToG didn’t do it for me, which is why I haven’t continue the series nor reading her other books. Also, I heard ACOTAR will be getting 3 additional books, so it’s a 6 book series… just like what happened to ToG.

  2. Oh sound like a great week!! Yay for being done with school. I need to pick up the second Lara Jean book. I loved the first one so much. I am waiting for the Heartless audio form my library but I am excited. Hope you have a great week!

  3. GAHHH I feel you with SJMaas books. I gave up on them after trying to get through Heir of Fire for the sixth time. I just don’t like her books anymore for all the things you said. They get too long, the pacing is off, too many POV’s, too many romances and love-pentagon’s and bad rep for diversity etc. I just… no. No, thank you.

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful week, Madalyn. I’m jealous that you’re done with school. I have 2 more months to go. D: Anyways, that outdoor festival sounds like so much fun! Did you take pics?
    I bought the Lara Jean books and they should be coming in the mail next week or so. I’m so excited to get to them. I don’t know why I initially ignored them, but everyone’s buzzing about them again, so I had to have it. Bless you for being able to get through ACOWAR. I’m genuinely confused as to why SJM is so popular. Her books are like those old cheesy UF/PNR romances that are super cringey with their sex scenes. And all the take about “mates” just grosses me out. You’re not the first person to mention that the book needed editing. Guess her pubs don’t care anymore as long as she brings in $$$ which she always will. Sorry it wasn’t an iffy experience though!
    But yay for TLBD!! I was obsessed with it back in the day. I’m feeling the sudden urge to watch it again now! 😉
    I hope you have a good week ahead!!

  5. I agree that SJM needs to really rethink how she writes some sexualities, all of those struck a cord with me despite really really liking it.

    I’m actually seeing Jenny Han at a book event tonight and can’t wait to finally get my copy!

  6. Omg I TOTALLY agree about SJM. I just wrote my review today for ACOWAR. I enjoyed it enough, but I really despised the repetitive words, phrases, dashes, and ellipses. I like her overall storytelling in terms of plot, but I really just don’t vibe with her writing. I think a lot of people are realizing that lately… I also have a book or two to read in the ToG series to catch up but I’ve had no desire.

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