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Monthly Recommendations is a Goodreads group created and hosted by Kayla Rayne and Trina from Between Chapters. I used to do these videos when I was on BookTube, and I really miss them, so I’ve decided to try to do them on the blog every month from now on! July’s topic is auto-buy/auto-read authors– those authors you adore so much that you’ll read anything they publish, regardless of the synopsis. Without further ado, let’s get into my list!

madalyn’s auto-buy authors


Libba Bray // Libba Bray’s books have meant so much to me at different points throughout my life. The Gemma Doyle trilogy is probably my favorite series of all time, ever, and The Diviners series is one of my favorite ongoing series. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, and Libba Bray just excels at writing historical fiction with urban fantasy/paranormal elements. I find her characters so relatable, human, and easy to root for. I could go on forever, but I just think Libba Bray is an incredible smart writer. I love the subtleties and the social commentary in her books. I mean, it takes talent to write feminist satire about a group of pageant queens stranded on a desert island and have it actually be good. Ugh, I just love Libba Bray so much and will forever read everything she ever publishes.

Victoria/V. E. Schwab // Probably my number one favorite author. Not only is her prose beautiful (she has a background in poetry, and it shows in her writing), but her characters and the worlds she creates are all so wonderful and intricate. I’m convinced she could write anything in any genre– she’s such a versatile author. Her current catalog reflects this, and I can’t wait to read whatever delightful, heart-wrenching story she writes next.

Anna-Marie McLemore // Her writing is so beautiful that I just want to go swimming in the prose of her books. Magical realism in YA can be hard to find, and who else besides her is writing excellent YA magical realism about queer, Latinx girls? To be fair, I’ve only read When the Moon Was Ours and Wild Beauty, but I adored them both, and I bought her debut, The Weight of Feathers, as soon as I finished my first book by her. I hope to get to that one very soon, but in the meantime, I will continue to preorder all of her future works.

Emery Lord // My experiences with Emery Lord’s books have been a total mixed bag– I thought Open Road Summer and When We Collided were just okay, but The Start of Me and You and The Names They Gave Us are two of my favorite books of all time. However, since she’s written two of my forever favorites, I’ll continue to buy everything she publishes, if for no other reason than to thank her for writing two books that understood me so completely.

Becky Albertalli // I mean, duh. Does this even require explanation? She writes the best, most realistic YA I’ve read to date. When it comes to writing the teenage experience, there’s no contest with her books. Plus, Becky is local to me and one of the nicest people ever, so I will always support her wonderful writing!

Nayyirah Waheed // The only poet on this list. Her poetry is on a whole other level. Both of her published collections have contained poems that resonated with me on such a deep level, and that made me think about the world around me in different ways. I can’t wait to read whatever she puts out next.

Jenn Bennett // Honestly, who was I before I discovered Jenn Bennett’s YA contemporaries? Both The Anatomical Shape of a Heart and Alex, Approximately are two of the BEST books I’ve read in that genre. They both reminded me why I love YA contemporary so much, and they cemented Bennett on my auto-buy list forever.

Angie Thomas //  I know she’s only published one book so far, but The Hate U Give flew onto my “forever favorites” shelf on Goodreads pretty much the second I read the first page. I will buy anything she publishes in the future– TAKE MY MONEY.

I’m curious– who are some of your auto-buy authors, and why? Do we share any favorites?

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20 responses to “Madalyn’s Auto-Buy Authors | July Monthly Recommendations

  1. We share V.E. Schwab! I can’t say that I will 100% buy any book an author writes, because I do want to like the sound of the blurb. But some authors are definitely given the benefit of the doubt in a lot of cases. Schwab, Gina Damico, Marissa Meyer, Rachel E. Carter. These are some of my favourites!

    • I totally get that! There are very few authors I will buy *everything* they write, but if I like their writing enough, I’ll usually give whatever they publish a chance even if the blurb doesn’t sound up my alley. And yes, Schwab is QUEEN!

    • Yes! I didn’t have great luck with Strange the Dreamer, but I will still buy anything Laini Taylor publishes because her writing is just so gorgeous. I need to pick up more Jandy Nelson! I’ve only read I’ll Give You the Sun, but I looooved her prose in that book.

  2. Sydney West

    Leigh Bardugo is one of mine. I adore her writing. And I agree about Angie Thomas and Emery Lord. Great reads. I rarely auto buy though. Auto read? Yes. But I have too many unread books on my shelves to auto buy anymore.

  3. Breeny's Books

    I agree with basically all of these, especially Angie Thomas, Emery Lord, and Jenn Bennett. I’d also add Leigh Bardguo to my list. This is such an awesome post! =)

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

    • Yessss! Glad we share some favorites. 🙂 And I love Leigh Bardugo, too! She’s just not on the same level of obsession for me as the authors on this list.

      As for blogging tips, my biggest pieces of advice would be to 1.) post consistently and schedule your posts ahead of time if you can, 2.) stay on top of your review books (e-ARCs in particular can get out of hand really fast), and 3.) stay true to your own voice and write posts you’re passionate about!

  4. Agree with so many! Of course you know how I feel about Gemma Doyle/Libba Bray. I actually haven’t read The Diviners yet.. I feel like I’m waiting to have all the books out maybe?

    YES about Emery Lord. I liked Open Road Summer, didn’t like When We Collided, and LOVEEEED The Names They Gave Us and The Start of Me and You.

    • I’m so glad to have found someone who share basically my same opinions about Emery Lord’s books! Omg, Lauren, you definitely have to read The Diviners. I think it’s really up your alley (I just read Lair of Dreams, and there was a Gemma Doyle cameo and I got reeeeaaaal emotional about it, haha). I totally understand waiting for all the books to be out, though!

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