Is designing my thing? I need your help.

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Today is usually the day I post a review, but I want to do a little bit of discussion. So, recently I have been tweaking with our design here at Novel Ink and I really love the final wrap-up of it. It took me awhile to get there as I am a perfectionist and nothing was coming around the way I wanted to, but it finally did. Not only that, but hearing that Christy loved it to was the cherry on top. I mean she had to or I would start all over again πŸ˜›

The other day, Genesis from Latte Nights ReviewsΒ came to me asking to help her along her new design process. She wanted to take a hack at the Tweak Me theme and to see where it would take her. After some time of helping her I just suggested that I could do it for her. She give me her ideas and then I’ll try and give her the best design I can. I was so pleased with what came about with Gen’s design.

I don’t know any CSS and this whole idea is new to me. I kind of just go with the flow and make whatever for whomever. So, the thing that I was thinking was to start doing this as a service and that’s where you guys come in. Would any of you have me do this for you?

I see around the blogosphere that some people charge like $100 dollars for a new blog design, which I understand because it does come with a lot and they do the whole CSS thing. But, I was thinking of doing a blog design (using the Tweak Me themes for now because that’s what I’m used to at the moment) where I would include basically a whole design (graphics, header, signatures, etc. – we would have to talk details when we got to the point). And for everything to be done within a timely manner…I would charge like $15-20 dollars or you guys could give me some books of a wish-list I would make up.

Please go to Gen’s site, Latte Nights Reviews,Β to check out the new design and you guys can decide off that and our design here if me trying to do this would be worth it. Please, please be honest because I’m not sure if people would be willing without the whole CSS deal.

So, leave your opinions below…let me know of any ideas, pros, cons…whatever. Leave it all because I’m going a little insane not knowing what to do. Designing is something I wish I would’ve went to school for and is definitely a love of mine. It wouldn’t be a job, it’s something I love.

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37 responses to “Is designing my thing? I need your help.

  1. DO IT! Seriously, I think there are a lot of people who would love to have you use your skills for a moderate redesign! Novel Ink looks AMAZING (I really thought you guys had hired someone, so that is proof right there that you should do it!) and Gen’s new look is PERFECT! Plus, so many bloggers want a fresh look without spending a ton, and this would be such a great way to do it. Again I say DO IT!! πŸ™‚

    I really can’t think of ANY cons to this. You’ll get experience and have fun, and other bloggers will get a fun new design at a good price. Win/win!

  2. I just saw Gene’s and wow…… WOWWW…. WOWOWOOWWOOWOOWOW… What the donuts! I did not know that you did this design and omg both of yours are so pretty. I would totally pay you to do mine but just not at the moment. Maybe after a few months when I get tired of the design because I do love my header. Ohh Erica, they really are beautiful! :D:D πŸ˜€ Do you know anything about moving to WordPress? I’m thinking of doing that! But it’s so hard omg. I don’t know why it’s like 100 dollars on some design sites and gahhh it’s getting to me bec I’m broke. πŸ˜€ Have fun with designing!

  3. Jen

    OMG sign me up!!!! I would LOVE to have you do a new design for my blog & I love what you did for Gen’ s design & Novel Ink!! I’m currently on blogger and getting ready to take the plunge & migrate to WordPress ya!! I want it all, the Tweak Me theme, UBB & all of Christy’s awesome plugins πŸ™‚ but I’m not attempting anything on my own & will be using her migrating & hosting service πŸ™‚ My issue has been, what to do with my current blog design? I can have Christy transfer my design over to WordPress but it’s honestly not worth the cost to do so. That means I’ll be in need of something new for my blog & I feel like it would take me forever to customize the Tweak Me theme to something I’d be happy with since I’m so unfamiliar with it. I’ve been researching my different options & looking into different designers but it’s definitely expensive to get anything even slightly custom on WordPress & with what the migration & extras will cost I’m not sure I also want to pay for a pricy design. When I was looking at yours & Gen’s new designs today I honestly thought to myself that I wish you could do something like that for me πŸ™‚ I’ve got a pretty good idea of how I’d like my new blog to look & have different graphics & clipart put together for ideas. I would love to chat further to see if we can work something out! But I’m not paying you $20, that is WAY too low for your time girl LOL

  4. I think it is such a fabulous design. I am not ready for a redesign just yet but I have actually been googling blog design for tweak me theme to see if someone actually did this. Even though tweak me theme is easy to use I still have hard time getting the side bar and menu how I like and to match my other peices. Just as a reference things I would want if I was looking to do it would be header, background, social media buttons, blog button, help cordinating menu/sidebar colors and fonts, signature and FB header and profile image. Also $20 is WAY too low. I think if you looked on etsy for that stuff you would see more appropriate range. I hope you go forward with this!!! Good luck!!

  5. I don’t even know how to stress as much as I want to that you MUST DO THIS ERICA! You have a gift. Seriously. I checked out the other blog and it is gorgeous, as is your own blog, of course. And if I hadn’t just turned to co-blogging instead of full-time blogging, I would have hired you here and now since I was looking at setting up a new blog of my own. I think a couple of books for your service is a splendid idea. You get to fuel your bookish hobby and people get beautifully designed blogs that they don’t have to spend bucket loads on. Do it! And all the best if you do. πŸ™‚ Or maybe an Etsy store? I don’t know much about that though.

  6. YESSSS!!! Seriously, go for it! I absolutely LOVE Gen’s new layout. It’s gorgeous. If it’s something you’re passionate about and really enjoy, definitely dive right in!! I think your thoughts on pricing is definitely reasonable and many people will probably love to have you help them with a new look. I don’t know anything about coding either, but it’s always been something I’m really into learning so I can totally relate. Definitely go for it!! It appears you have the artistic vision side down (which is the part I lack, sadly. LOL!) so don’t give up!! And by doing this, you will only get better. Best of luck to you, sweets!! <3

  7. You already know I adore my new design and have loved all of your previous designs! I was thinking that maybe for now, you could open a new tab on the Menu area where it says portfolio or something and you can add the previous looks to your blog and the new one and mine. That way, people can see your work since you started etc etc. And if Christy is okay, maybe doing like a table kind of thing, specifying the prizes for header, logo, etc. You have been doing a great job and I’m honestly so in love with my design. Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. I’ve been thinking of taking the plunge to wordpress but I honestly don’t have the slightest clue where to start! I’ve also been wanting a new design for a while but don’t have the money to pay for some of the prices that these people are asking for so YES. SIGN ME UP. (I just need to figure out how to make the change now).

    P.S. The designs are gorgeous!

  9. I think that’s a great idea Erica! I looked at Genesis’ site, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

    I think your idea of using the Tweak Me theme as a basis for your designs is a really smart idea. So many bloggers are teens who don’t necessarily have the money to pay for a really expensive custom design, so Tweak Me could make it really accessible and inexpensive for them; while still enough that you’ll have some solid earnings.

    Thanks for sharing and great post! ♥

  10. Well I think your blog and Latte Night Reviews both look super nice! πŸ˜€ GOOD ON YOU FOR DESIGNING ALL THE THINGS!! I’m hopeless with design. Utterly horrendous. But I have a web-designing-bro-in-law who does things for me and omg, I would be dead without him. haha. I’m about to get a new design too actually *dances with excitement* We’re just figuring which day to actually launch it. ANYWAY. I HOPE YOU GET TAKERS ON THIS BECAUSE YOU’VE DONE A GOOD JOB.

  11. Big thumbs up from me, Erica! I know I would jump at it. There are several elements I would love to change or have help with on my blog but that’s just *not* where my expertise is. (To put it mildly. lol) With such reasonable rates I’m sure you would have many grateful takers. Would it be for WordPress only? If so, I might just be persuaded to jump the blogspot ship. πŸ˜‰

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