How My Reading Preferences Have Changed

Posted April 12, 2018 by Madalyn || 17 Comments

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m here with a discussion post. I’ve noticed some fairly significant and (I think) interesting changes in my reading habits and preferences in the past couple years, and I wanted to put them to paper today! As for the reasons for these changes, I think some of them have to do with being in college, some of them are just natural changes (I am, in fact, a human), and many of them are probably due to blogging. Anyway, let’s get into the list!

I read more physical books.

Fun fact: I got my first Kindle when I was 14, and from then up until the past year or so, I read almost solely on my e-reader. I loved having a portable library, and I feel that I almost always read faster on my e-reader. However, in the past year or so, I’ve started mixing up my formats and I’d say that now, about half the books I read are in a physical format, while the other half still remain digital. I find that I read more when I vary the format of the books I pick up– this started as a foolproof way to get myself out of reading slumps and has slowly made its way into my normal reading routine.

I rarely pick up fantasy anymore.

Ever since childhood, I’ve loved reading fantasy and considered it one of my favorite genres. Recently, though, I’ve kind of fallen out of love with the genre. I’ve liked less and less of the fantasy books I’ve picked up in the past few months, and I truly do think my preferences have just altered. Nowadays, I will almost always go for realistic fiction over fantasy. It just doesn’t hold the same sparkle or promise for me anymore.

I don’t stress about not reading.

This is a big one for me. It’s taken a while to get over the blogger guilt that can come with not reading for a few days/a few weeks/any length of time, but I’ve finally learned to let myself enjoy other things besides reading. If I wanna marathon old seasons of Drag Race instead of starting a new book? Cool. If a friend invites me to go out tonight and it means I won’t have time to finish the book I’m reading? No big deal. I think this has made me a better blogger AND increased my enjoyment of the books I read.

Audiobooks are my best friend.

I got into audiobooks my freshman year of college, and I haven’t looked back since. I almost always have at least one audiobook checked out from my library. It’s a great way to squeeze in extra reading time during my everyday life, and again, I think it’s always helpful to vary the formats of your reading. Plus, the feeling of finding a narrator you love, who can bring a story’s magic to life? Amazing.

These are just a few of the ways my reading habits have changed in recent years! I’d love to do a part two of this post in the future– let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!

How has your reading changed over the years? 

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17 responses to “How My Reading Preferences Have Changed

  1. Bee

    I totally get what you’re saying. My habits have changed so much since my hiatus. I don’t have much physical books to read here so most of my reads are still digital but I read more contemporary than anything else with the occasional Fantasy/sci-fi book. AND I don’t stress about not reading anymore either! I still can’t listen to audiobooks without having the physical or digital copy of the book in front of me though. I need some visuals to focus on or else most of the book is totally lost to me.

  2. Love this post! My reading preferences/habits have changed for sure. I love more women’s fiction lately. I like listening to audiobooks a ton – especially since I am so busy. I stress less about not reading too because why should I stress about it! But I used to so much more.

  3. I love reading posts about reading preferences! My ebook reading hasn’t changed and I think it will always be like that, but it’s always exciting when I still hold a physical.
    I’m more of a contemporary reader now too. I used to read so much fantasy, but I’ve lost all interest in it for the most part. I don’t stress about not reading too. I’m not even looking at my Reading Challenge anymore! I used to compare my stats to the previous time, but I have no time to worry about that.

  4. My reading has changed so much since I started blogging. From the get-go, I was mostly reading YA fantasy and that was about it. Then slowly added contemporary because that’s what a lot of the community read. And now I read so much NA, and romance, especially this year. It’s strange too because of the different audience reading romance attracts, but it’s also really good.

  5. I’m totally with you on switching up formats! I usually have 2-3 books going at a time, and it’ll be one of each: audio, physical, and ebook. I don’t do audiobooks as much anymore but I love having a physical book depending on my mood. It helps me switch up genres or age targets too.

  6. I got a nook back in 2011 and that was all I would read. Now, I mostly usually my kindle for e-ARCs and novellas but I read mostly print. I think I read print faster for some random reason.

    When I was in middle school, I used to EXCLUSIVELY read Adult fantasy and I haven’t felt the need to return, I think I’m intimidated by the world building and size.

    AND HAIL AUDIOBOOKS! I’ve always loved them, but I need to start remembering to incorporate them in my day!

  7. When I first started pleasure reading again, I read my daughter’s book, and they were mostly SFF books, which I enjoyed, but I now know, contemporary is my sweet spot. I used to scoff at audiobooks, but I found the type of stories that work for me on audio, and I have been able to knock more books off my TBR this way.

  8. I’m actually the opposite- I didn’t get a Kindle until about a year and a half ago (I was super anti e-book for years) and it’s changed my life and I read WAY more ebooks now (mainly ARCs and library books!) However I always try to have an ebook and a physical book going at the same time- like you said, it seems to help me keep from falling into a slump if I’m alternating formats, and I feel like I somehow read faster that way too…

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