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Christy and I are finally done with the first season of Gossip Girl and boy…we are hooked. We are addicted. I have put off Gossip Girl for some time now, but my sister kept recommending it to me. Then, Christy went and started watching and she said I needed to start sooner than later. Boy, I’m so glad you guys chose this one for us! 😀 We are going to do this as a conversation cause to Christy & I it’s the easiest way for us to get out everything we are thinking. We are going to do the plot and characters without having any spoilers. Then we will have a part after that which will showcase romance. It’s super hard to talk about relationships without giving stuff away so it’ll be in the spoiler section. I do want to say though…beware of the comments. There may be some spoilers in there as well.


Christy: I really love the whole idea behind Gossip Girl. I think the idea of someone watching (okay, that sounds creepy) and blasting everyone’s secrets is a real attention grabber. Although, I wouldn’t want it done to me haha. I feel like in the beginning of this series Gossip Girl wasn’t as prominent as I would have liked, but by the end of the season GG had upped her game.

Erica: I completely agree with you, Christy. I was a little hesitant going into the story all in all. But, it completely grew on me. The whole aspect of someone being “creepy” is awesome and makes me so engaged. I don’t think I have ever been so engaged in a show because I try to catch GG in the act so I’m paying attention to every little detail.

Christy: YES! I’m doing this too! It’s driving me crazy though cause it seems like everyone is surprised when a post goes up about them so I’m like AHHHHHH WHO IS IT? Whoever GG is, they are really good about not giving anything away.

Erica: Right? Ohhhh…and I just noticed what you said earlier. You said “GG had upped her game” do you think it’s a girl? Hmmm…

Christy: I didn’t even noticed that I done that haha. I kind of do because from my experience, guys don’t really seem all that interested in gossip, it seems like more a girl thing.

Erica: Haha, simple mistake…but I’m with you…though I’m not. Makes sense, right? I think it’s more likely to be a girl because of gossip and we have a nature to be all for that, but I feel like it would be such a twist for it to be a guy.

Christy: It would definitely be a huge twist for it to be a guy and the ‘Girl’ part in Gossip Girl could be a ploy to get us to think it’s a girl just so they could shock us at the end when GG is revealed.


Erica: I know, it’s all so confusing, but we have 5 more seasons to figure out who this evil person is. Speaking of evil people, what do you think of all the characters? I sure know I love to hate them and I hate to love them.

Christy: They have all pissed me off in one way or another over the first season, but I have also seen a *few* good qualities in each of them. I guess it’s like you said, I love to hate them and I hate to love them.

Erica: Like you said…they ALLLLLLLL have pissed me off. They do have their qualities that are redeeming and I love them more than I hate them heart emoticon Who’s your favorite?

Christy: AHHHH that is such a tough question. Maybe Nate? He’s made me mad quite a few times too, but he does seem like a good guy underneath.

Erica: I think I’m with you on that one…I love Nate. He’s definitely my favorite. Is there anyone you hate…or should I say dislike a lot?


Definitely Jenny. She annoys me SOOO much. I would say Chuck and Blair but while I hate them, I also kind of love them. But, Jenny? She just gets on my nerves.

What about you?

Erica: Again, I agree. Great minds, great minds. Jenny is just annoying. Okay, I get it you’re younger than everyone but that doesn’t mean you get to whine the whole time. Just stop. You are making the choices and if they backfire it was your choice in the first place. Plus, she muddles in everyone’s relationships…


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Who is Gossip Girl?

Christy: If someone would’ve asked me at the beginning of this post who I thought GG was, I probably would’ve said a girl. But, after discussing with Erica, I’m thinking it may be a guy now. So, as of right now, I’m going to say….Nate, just because it seems so unlikely that it’s him so it make me suspicious of him, if that makes sense?

Erica: That makes perfect sense. Even though I’m the one who brought up it should be a guy because it would make it be a definite plot twist right now I think GG is Jenny.

Christy: That make sense too since she always seems to be in everyone else’s business.

Erica: Absolutely, it seems so obvious, but sometimes they make it so obvious that you are like no way that’s not her…and boom it is.

Thanks guys for reading this and joining us on the crazy ride of season 1. We can’t wait to continue on with this series and hope you guys will be engaged just as much as us!

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5 responses to “Netflixing Gone Wild — Gossip Girl

  1. OMG LOVE this post! My daughter and I binge watched GG this summer so each season is very fresh in my mind. It was a lot of fun to read through your thoughts & ideas regarding who u each think GG is 🙂 I think I suspected each character at one point or another but was totally shocked when it turned out to be the first person I had suspected from season one! But don’t worry, I’ll never tell 😉

  2. AHHHH!! There are so many twists and turns (on every front) coming up throughout the show that you guys are just NOT going to be ready for. ESPECIALLY the ships. It was hard for me to stick with one ship (aside from Chuck and Blair) because it all changed SO much and so frequently. Excited to see what you think of season two!

  3. I love, love, love “Gossip Girl” and it was fun reading your ideas and points of view about the characters, the couples, and who the real Gossip Girl is. When I first started watching that show, I totally loved Dan and Serena together. I think Nate’s just too much of a good boy for Serena. And Nate just has to stop running around in circles with Blair, yes. He needs to make up his own mind and deal with it. I also love Rufus and Lily together. Oh, and I absolutely hated Chuck and Jenny. Lol. You need to watch all of the seasons! The reveal is… well, you just have to watch it! 😀

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