Genres I Stopped Reading & Why

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Sometimes we lose interest in a certain genre that we used to read a lot. It happens. Either we’ve outgrown the genre or we simple lost interest for one reason or another. Everyone has that genre they used to read all the time and now barely ever touch anymore. Think about it for a second. I’m sure you can come up with at least one. Our tastes change constantly and where someone might have grown up as a huge fantasy lover, now the only thing they read is adult romance novels. This happened to me too in the last few years. Though I don’t read adult romance novels. Just saying.

So today I wanted to share the genres that I stopped reading and maybe tell you why while I’m at it.


Everyone knows Chicklit. Those fun books by authors like Sophie Kinsella, Lauren Weisberger, Jill Mansell,… I used to devour those books as a teen. I stopped reading YA at a young age to make the switch to “books for grown ups” and Chicklit was my go-to genre. But then I rediscovered YA and blogging and reviewing and suddenly I forgot all about the genre that used to be my life. And over the years my love for it has died down a lot and now they just don’t interest me anymore. I also find more diversity in YA when it comes to stories, characters, worlds,… And that is what interests me these days. Chicklit was fun while it lasted, but it just doesn’t have my heart anymore.

New Adult Romance

Much like Chicklit, NA Romance is a genre I’ve simply outgrown. I used to read a lot of this genre in my early blogging years and I couldn’t get enough of it. I just loved being absorbed by those books, the dramatic moment near the end that always caused for conflict and the way my heart fluttered during the (sometimes steamy) romantic scenes. But then that stopped very suddenly. One day I was totally in love with it and then the next… I found myself bored by it. Suddenly it was all alike and I didn’t care for it anymore at all. While it’s an evergrowing genre at the moment, my love for it has died quietly and suddenly. I don’t think I’ll pick up a book from this genre anytime soon.

Paranormal Romance

Oh how I’ve come to hate this genre. This one is a genre I just stopped caring about. I’m not saying all books in it are bad, but a lot of them feel the same. Follow the same patterns and use the same cardboard cutouts as characters and there is simply not enough diversity in them. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS. Of course. But it’s not a genre I tend to pick up these days. They feel cliche and overly dramatic and just not realistic at all when it comes to how the characters are portrayed and how the romances tend to go from nothing to true love in a second. Just no. Please and thank you.


Another genre I’ve just grown out of. I’m just tired of dystopian books. They don’t feel unique anymore. They feel overdone and I’m just over it. There are still good ones out there but I find that none of them interest me anymore like they used to. Though it is the only genre I would go back to on my own if I come across a book that really sounds like it could be something entirely new and amazing.

Which genres have you stopped reading over the years? Do you have any recommendations for me in one of the above genres that might change my mind? Tell me all about it in the comments!

27 responses to “Genres I Stopped Reading & Why

  1. I’ve pretty much grown out of dystopian too. 😂 After a while there’s not much you can do with a “strong heroine takes down the government and has secrets” thing ah haha. Ahem. And I never really got into NA except I guess The Foxhole Court is and I really loved that?! AHH.😂

  2. Dystopia is definitely the genre for me. I can still tolerate some paranormal YA, but with dystopian, no matter how interesting, there will be this underlying disstatisfaction feeling of “seen this before”. I don’t even add the book on my goodreads tbr anymore if i find out it’s a dystopia book 😂

  3. Danielle Hammelef

    I’ve stopped reading chick lit and most adult main-stream writers’ books as well as dystopian and new adult. I enjoy the depth of emotion and writing found in YA without all the more adulty stuff.

  4. I don’t read much of dystopia either, but there doesn’t seem to be many of them out there. I do still read some YA fantasy, but in general, I don’t read as much YA anymore.

  5. I haven’t really 100% given up on anything yet, but I definitely think I’m moving away from YA contemporary. I keep picking it up because I tend to get through these books really fast but…I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY disappointed in them. If something super catches my eye I’ll still give it a shot, but no more casual purchases just because the cover’s cute.

  6. I used to be REALLY into YA steampunk. Even though it was one of the shortest fads in the YA community, I latched onto the trend for a good two years. I did not grow out of it as much as the community grew out of it. As less steampunk novels, I stopped reading them as often and moved on to new things. Now, I cannot even remember the last steampunk I have read. The same kind of goes to dystopian. Stories about a decrepit future for humanity are still pretty common, but the YA community is not nearly as saturated with them as during the days of The Hunger Games and Divergent. Unlike steampunk, I am sure that I grew out of dystopian. All of the plots and characters started blurring together, so I moved on to other things.

  7. Greg Hill

    I still consider fantasy my first love reading- wise but when I looked back at the last year or so, I was surprised how few fantasy books I actually read. So I don’t want to say I’m over fantasy, but I’m definitely pickier. I think a lot of it is blogging too- I’ve been exposed to so many books and genres that I never read before, that I read a lot more widely now. I hear you on dystopians though- they got SO saturated. I still like a good one, but they’re few and far between?

    • Same! I used to be so specific in the type of books I read, but blogging has opened up my whole world reading-wise. I’m definitely a lot pickier when it comes to all books though? Because I’ve been spoiled so bad with amazing books and it just gets harder to top them. xD

  8. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

    I 100% agree with you about dystopian. I won’t even TOUCH dystopian anymore because I was SO BURNT OUT back in the day when everyone was writing Hunger Games knock offs. I will admit I have a soft spot for Paranormal Romance still since it’s the YA genre that was probably the most formative for me, so I keep hoping it will ~come back~ lol.

  9. I have definitely grown out of paranormal romance and I was never into chicklit or new adult romance in the first place. I still like dystopian a lot, but I’m selective about which books I go for. If it sounds like a copy of The Hunger Games or Divergent then I don’t even bother, but if it sounds unique I usually can’t resist trying it.

    • If it’s actually unique I’ll give it a try too. Like the Red Rising trilogy. I do want to try that one because I have the first book already and I hear so many positive things about it.

  10. I agree with you on everything apart from NA romance because I was never into the genre in the first place. I used to be really into PNR and dystopian and got so burnt out on both of them because there were so many books of those genres being published at the same time and they all ended up sounding so similar that it was hard to pick at least one that I was interested in.

  11. I used to BREATHE Dystopian, but now I barely give it a second look. I used to read all things regency romance in high school now, but I haven’t given it a thought in over a decade. Whomp whomp.

  12. Oh so much same with paranormal romance! I read several series, years ago, and realized they were just NOT making me happy. And same with NA. Chick Lit was just something I could never get into, honestly. I always was, and still am, a sucker for a good dystopian- but I emphasize good here. Not the nonsense where everyone and their mom wrote a dystopian to cash in, but genuinely good ones. Which, admittedly, are hard to find these days! I also think I am over retellings- or maybe I never actually liked them very much, Idk! Fun topic!

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