Full Count by Cori Williams // *Yaaaaawn*

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Full Count by Cori Williams // *Yaaaaawn*Full Count by Cori Williams
Published by Booktrope Editions on August 31, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 208
Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher

Dylan Turner wasn’t looking for love, all he needed was someone to warm his bed and be gone by morning. Baseball was what made his life worth living. The hunger to play, the need to live and breathe baseball—it was ingrained in his blood and veins, making his heart thump, beat for beat. It wasn’t until he met Paige that everything changed. She became part of the game, only it was a game he never wanted to end.

Paige’s love for baseball was ingrained in her before she was even born. She never thought she would find love in the form of a baseball player though, but that all changes when she meets her new schools first baseman. Was Paige really ready for this roller coaster ride? When the count is full, will what they have survive?


I am quite surprised with myself…I ended up finishing this bad boy. It takes me back to reading Never Always Sometimes. The concept and everything intrigued me, but it was just boring and certain aspects just pissed me off. I was yawning the whole time and skimming through each page. That shouldn’t be happening. I should be wanting to read and read and not want to put it down. I know some books start of slow, like right now I’m reading Heir of Fire and it definitely started off slow but it picked up…this just kind of slowed down even more.

It was basically just your run of the mill NA novel. I hate writing reviews and saying bad things, but it’s come to the point where this is happening so much lately. Maybe I’m not reviewing the right books, but nothing has depth. There was no character depth whatsoever. They were so lackluster and I couldn’t handle it. The story just kept going on but I felt like nothing happened. I mean, of course, something had to happen, but it was so blah. A lot of contemporaries are about the girl gets the guy and something happens to mix it up a bit and then they end up back together. I get that, but there’s always something unique about it. That’s why I love contemporaries…I love the romance, but I love how there is always something so unique that makes me so intrigued. Full Count didn’t do that…whatsoever.

I just couldn’t get into this book and it left me wanting more and more and more.

About Cori Williams

Cori Williams is a contemporary romance writer who resides in Michigan with her husband and three young children. Her love of reading from a very young age transferred over to a love of writing and now the stories are never ending. Her love of writing and romance combined make the perfect equivalent for creating the happily ever afters for her characters with sometimes bumpy journeys along the way. “Forever isn’t always easy.”

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  1. Sorry to hear this one didn’t do anything for you, Erica. Sounds like it didn’t have anything new to offer. When it’s an ARC I feel obligated to finish it and sometimes that’s a real chore

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