Favorite Books that Feature F/F Romances | Pride 2017

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Hi, friends! Happy Pride Month to all my fellow queer babes out there, and welcome to the first in a series of posts I have planned relating to Pride Month. Today, I thought I’d recommend some of my favorite books that feature f/f romances– whether you like YA, New Adult, or Adult, I have you covered! I feel that f/f ships definitely deserve LOTS more love in the blogging and bookish community, so this post is my attempt at remedying that. Without further ado, let’s get into the recommendations!

young adult

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde // One of my favorites of the year so far!! It’s blown up the blogosphere, and with good reason. This book was just full of swoonworthy moments and set at a fictional version of Comic Con, which pretty much makes it the perfect feel-good contemporary. Plus, I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS F/F SHIP. You’ll fly through this one!

You Know Me Well by Nina Lacour & David Levithan // Nina Lacour had to make this list somewhere! She’s the queen of queer girls in YA. Though I’d recommend all of her books, this one is my personal favorite. It’s just so… gay. And it’s amazing. It follows two teenagers (one gay man, one lesbian) during Pride in San Francisco. This is another one I completely sped through. Yay, happy queer stories!

Style by Chelsea M. Cameron // Style is essentially an early 2000’s teen movie, but in book form and featuring a romance between two women. It follows the developing relationship between two high school seniors– Kyle, a nerd, and Stella, a cheerleader– who meet in AP English class and realize they have more-than-friends feelings for each other. Warning: this book is so sugary sweet, it might rot your teeth out.

Ash by Malinda Lo // This is the perfect f/f book for anyone who loves fantasy and/or retellings! It’s an f/f retelling of Cinderella. The romance isn’t a huge part of the story, but I loved seeing such a beloved fairytale feature a romance between two women.

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie // Sci-fi! Pirates! Lesbians! Lovable, deadly sea monsters! What more could you possibly ask for?

new adult

The Lillac Town Novellas by M. Hollis // Both of these are too cute! They feature lots of diversity, a cozy small town setting, and some totally ship-worthy romances. Plus, they’re very sex-positive!

Out on Good Behavior by Dahlia Adler // One of my favorite New Adult books ever! The main character, Frankie, is pansexual, and she falls for a lesbian from a conservative, small town. I loved watching Frankie and Samantha’s relationship unfold! I also adored the college setting– it added a lot of authenticity and relatability to the story. Frankie and Sam’s friend group is also one of my faves! Total friendship goals.

Black Iris by Elliot Wake (published as Leah Raeder) // Not only one of my favorite f/f books, but one of my favorite books OF ALL TIME. Black Iris is incredibly dark and twisted, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I read it a year-and-a-half ago. Things you get in this book: a really messed-up revenge plot, discussion and rep of bisexuality and mental illness, severely unlikable (“morally grey”) characters, alternating timelines, and gorgeously deadly writing. I can’t recommend this book enough.


First Position by Melissa Brayden // A recent read, and one that shocked me with how much I freaking loved it. I always pitch it as the Tiny Pretty Things duology, but all grown up. And featuring the most wonderful f/f relationship. I loved the ballet aspects of this world, I loved the main characters (both so witty, determined, loyal, and REALISTIC), and I especially loved Melissa Brayden’s writing (her dialogue in particular is SO GOOD). Highly recommend this one!

Fearless by Shira Glassman // An adorable novella that takes place over the course of a weekend of All-State Band. A band mom falls for the orchestra teacher at her daughter’s school. Such a quick read, and so adorable.

bonus: f/f books on my tbr

I hope you find these f/f recs helpful! What are some of your favorite books that feature f/f ships? Have you read any of the ones on my TBR?

Look out for my next Pride Month Post, featuring some more recommendations of books with LGBTQIAP+ characters, coming next week!

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17 responses to “Favorite Books that Feature F/F Romances | Pride 2017

  1. Alex

    You Know Me Well was such a well done book and it was set in pride month which made the mood so much lighter and awesome to read about. I also have Not Your Sidekick and and 27 Hours on my TBR so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Another book I recommend for f/f romances is perhaps Of Fire and Stars. I thought the romance in that was so cute. OHHH and The Seafarer’s Kiss.

    Awesome list!

    Alex @ The Book’s Buzz

    • I feel like You Know Me Well is so underrated! I agree– it’s so well-done. I definitely need to get to Of Fire and Stars and The Seafarer’s Kiss; I’ve heard great things about them both. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Queens of Geek! I adore that book! I need to read You Know Me Well. And also Not Your Sidekick. I’ve had so many people recommend that one to me. I just need to buy it already.
    Thanks for sharing, Madalyn! 🙂 Some of these, I had no idea had a F/F ship!

    • Right?! One of the cutest, most feel-good books I’ve ever read. You Know Me Well is another one that just made me so HAPPY! And yeah, same here– everyone I know who has read Not Your Sidekick has adored it. And thanks for reading, Nick! Glad I could help out with some recs. 🙂

  3. Breeny's Books

    I’m so excited to read Queens of Geek and I really want to read Not Your Sidekick as well. Awesome awesome list!

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

  4. shootingstarsmag

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I really need to read more f/f fiction – I tend to read it more in YA than anything else. No particular reason really. I have Queens of Geek and Blue is the Warmest Color on my wish lists!! I’m so glad you liked Queens of Geek. 🙂 I really love the couple in Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley.


    • You’re so welcome! Queens of Geek is seriously fun, and the ships are adorable. I NEED to read Blue is the Warmest Color… I feel like it’s such a classic in terms of queer girl fiction. I need to pick up more Robin Talley! I read As I Descended and enjoyed it, so I will def look into Lies We Tell Ourselves.

  5. I’ve not read any of these, but I’ve heard good things about Ash, and I think it’s already on my TBR. And 27 Hours is def on my TBR. And ooh, The Abyss Surrounds Us sounds good too because I have been wanting to read a sci-fi/fantasy with pirates!

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