Event Recap: BookExpo 2018 (Part One)

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As some of you might know, I recently attended BookExpo and BookCon in New York City! Today, I’m here with part one of my recap for these events. Grab a cup of tea or a snack, because I have a feeling this is gonna be a long one.

day one: tuesday

I flew into New York City bright and early Tuesday morning, the day before the official start of BookExpo. Upon landing at JFK, I headed into the city proper to pick up the keys and check into my Airbnb. Three trains and some walking later, I made it safely to my Airbnb in the East Village (where I was greeted by one of the two cats who would be my housemates for the next five days). After grabbing a quick lunch at the nearby Arepa Factory and chugging down a coffee on my way to the subway, I headed to Broadway for a tour of the Bloomsbury offices! When our tour group arrived, we first went on a short tour of the office space (which were… offices. albeit with a lot of books everywhere.), and then we gathered in a conference room to hear from Bloomsbury’s marketing and publicity teams about the upcoming titles they were most excited about. It was fun to meet the actual humans behind those emails we send to publicists, and to hear their enthusiasm for upcoming releases. There were also cookies from Schmackary’s, one of my personal favorite NYC bakeries, which made the experience even better. All of us emerged from the Bloomsbury offices with full stomachs and ARCs of Mimi Yu’s 2019 debut fantasy The Girl King (… which I promptly passed along to a friend, since I rarely read fantasy. hahaha. but if you do read fantasy, keep your eye out for this one! it sounds great.).

After the Bloomsbury tour, Kathleen, Regina, Zasha, and I headed downtown together. We grabbed some sandwiches and then, before I knew it, it was time for Blogbound Con, held at the Jefferson Market Library! Once we checked in, I headed to my first panel of the night, which was all about slump-busting. I enjoyed hearing about all the different ways the panelists beat slumps (whether of the writing, reading, blogging, or life variety). Soon after, it was time for my panel! I was proud to be a part of the Blogger Story panel, along with fellow amazing bloggers Alexa, Mishma, and Bonnie. I had a lot of fun chatting with these ladies about all things books and blogging!  After our panel, there was a fun “author speed dating” event, where we got to hear from a few different authors about their recently published and/or upcoming books. Then, there was an ARC and swag giveaway (where I picked up two of my most-anticipated fall 18 releases!), after which I headed back to my Airbnb to get some rest before the first day of BookExpo! If you ever find yourself in NYC for Blogbound, I highly recommend attending. It was such a low-pressure, community-oriented event. And it’s FREE!


My ARC haul from Blogbound // With my fellow panelists!

day two: wednesday

Wednesday morning, I tried to sleep in as much as possible, since I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to do that for the rest of my trip. Once I woke up and got ready, I headed to the Javits Center to pick up my badge. I spent the next hour or so walking around, getting a feel for the convention center, and planning my schedule for the next few days. I walked around the small portion of the show floor that was open and was lucky enough to pick up an ARC of Mammoth, one of my most-anticipated upcoming releases, from the Turner booth– the publicist told me they had blown through 250 copies that morning alone, and I heard that by the next morning, they were completely out. At 1:45, I headed to the Adult Editors’ Buzz panel, where editors spotlighted upcoming adult titles from a variety of genres. I picked up two of the titles I was most intrigued by after the panel– She Would Be King, a historical fiction retelling of Liberia’s beginnings with magical realist elements, and There Will Be No Miracles Here, a memoir.

Day One book haul!

Upon leaving the Javits, I headed downtown to meet Taylor for pizza and hangs! She was every bit as delightful as her online persona led me to believe. We had some incredible pizza and wine at Adrienne’s Pizzabar in the Financial District, and then walked around Downtown and saw some very aesthetic views of Brooklyn from the pier. It was the perfect way to end the first day of BookExpo!

FRIENDZ (ft. a cameo by the Brooklyn Bridge) // Stone Street, where we ate dinner!

day three: thursday

Thursday got off to an early start. I grabbed a giant iced coffee and hopped on the subway to the Javits, where I was reunited with my bookish BFF, Emily @ Possibly Literate! After getting our bearings, we headed to the show floor… and passed the Fierce Reads table on the way, where there were a ton of King of Scars samplers just sitting there for people to take. I figured I would have to fight off angry mobs to even get NEAR anything Grisha-related, so this was a fun surprise! We then headed to the autographing area for Anna Godbersen’s signing for When We Caught Fire, where we were some of the first people in line. She was very kind, and when I mentioned how much I love historical fiction YA, she asked for recommendations and I got to recommend her one of my forever faves, The Girl with the Red Balloon! After doing a loop of the show floor, the two of us then grabbed some coffee and breakfast and just caught up for a bit.

Now that we were adequately caffeinated, we headed back to the autographing area for Deb Caletti’s singing of A Heart in a Body in the World. We walked the floor a bit further and were able to acquire one of my most coveted ARCs: City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab. We also stumbled across some previously-unheard-of books that I’m now really excited to read! Then, we hit Hester Fox’s signing of The Witch of Willow Hall (give me alllllll the historical fiction books AND all the books about witches, please). After that, I headed over to my most-anticipated thing of the day: Nic Stone’s signing of Odd One Out. I was pleasantly surprised to find an already-long line for Nic’s signing! Nic has been a wonderful friend, and I’m so so happy for all of her success. After acquiring OOO and giving Nic a big hug, Emily and I headed over to the Image Comics booth, where Tee Franklin was signing Bingo Love. While there, we ran into Russell @ Ink & Paper Blog— it was so wonderful to meet him after hearing such great things about him from both Emily and Joce. We also picked up a couple more graphic novels that sound WONDERFUL– shoutout to the publicists at the Image booth for being so enthusiastic and informative. I then headed to get in line for Claire Legrand’s Furyborn signing, while Emily and Russell went to get copies of Tommy Orange’s There There.

At Nic’s signing! // Emily, Russell, and me

After waiting out the long Furyborn line, Emily and I headed over to the Macmillan booth, where they were serving champagne in honor of Macmillan’s 175th Anniversary. There, we met Dani @ Dani’s Bookshelf— who was absolutely lovely!– and the three of us chatted about our days while we drank our champagne. Soon after, Emily and I left the Javits, stopped at the post office to ship our books home, and then headed to my favorite Brazilian restaurant in New York! It was Emily’s first time trying Brazilian food, and I gave her the Full Experience(TM), complete with caipirinhas, cheese bread, coffee, and dessert. I can’t think of a better way to cap off an already great day. After dinner, we walked to the subway and parted ways for the night.

My final Thursday haul

That’s all for part one of my BookExpo recap! Come back tomorrow for part two and an exciting giveaway!

Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Are you looking forward to any of them? Did you also attend BookExpo this year?

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9 responses to “Event Recap: BookExpo 2018 (Part One)

  1. I’m so mad I didn’t know about Blogbound until it was too late! I definitely hope to make it there next year.

    And I highly approve of your visit to Stone Street—I live in FiDi, so I’m very familiar with it! Adrienne’s is great, though lately I’ve been addicted to Mad Dog. You’ll have to check it out the next time you’re in the city!

    Coincidentally, my co-workers and I just went to a Brazilian place for lunch today (I was so excited to get Guarana Antarctica and brigadeiros—sweet tooth much?). Remind me what the one you recommend? I’ll have to stop by sometime!

    And I know I’ve said this already, but it was so great to meet you at Book Expo, too!

  2. I’ve been loving everyone’s Book Expo & Book Con recaps, and yours is no exception! This was also my first year attending Book Expo and I had such a great experience. I also went to the same Nic Stone signing-easily one of the sweetest & coolest authors I’ve ever met!

  3. I would love to go to a big bookish event some day, hopefully soon! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to so many of these books, especially Nic Stone’s and Schwab’s 🙂

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