Erica’s Novel Rewind #1

Posted September 18, 2016 by Erica || 6 Comments

erica's novel rewind

So technically this isn’t my first novel rewind, but I just kind of want to start fresh with it so I’m naming it my first….cause I can 😛

Life Happenings:

So, since the last time I have done one of these a lot has happened, but I’m just gonna talk about things going on in my head right now and whatever comes to my mind while writing. So, I have been in a terrible slump. I haven’t been reading much lately. It usually boils down to blog tour reads. I won’t even touch my review copies for some awful reason, but I hope that once I get back to Georgia (which is in four days) I will get back into the swing of things. The slump means I have been watching a lot of Netflix. I am trying to finish Glee, but I tend to get lost watching reality cooking shows (oops).

Other than that…life has been super boring so hopefully in the next few weeks it’ll be a lot more interesting. Wish me luck on that part.

Book Haul:

Really, nothing. I might have gotten a few items here and there, but nothing that is sticking out in my mind right now.

Books Read/Currently Reading:

I’m definitely not doing a books read because I have been gone too long, but I will show you what I’m currently reading!

acourtofthornsandroses the assassins blade

Bookish Bingo Update:

I have failed and haven’t done anything…yet. But, I will get one single bingo. AT LEAST.

Last Week’s Post:


What are you guys looking forward to this upcoming week?

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6 responses to “Erica’s Novel Rewind #1

  1. Oh so excited for you to go back home! I recently got a big box that fits all three books I’m sending you 🙂 I’m just waiting to get enough money to pay for shipping (I literally have less than $1 in my account. It’s very very sad). I really want to read ACOTAR but I don’t want to buy the book so yeah.. That’s a problem haha I hope you get out of your slump very soon!
    Genesis | Latte Nights Reviews

  2. Sorry you are still in such a slump! Hopefully, you can get back in the swing of things when you get back to GA! (You have to text me and tell me why you’ve been gone for so long!)

  3. LostinLit Becca

    We’ve all been there so we all understand! You will get it back, best not to force yourself until you’re ready love 🙂

  4. I love love love that you just decided to give it a go and do it over! I feel like sometimes starting over fresh, even if you really aren’t helps you focus a little better.

    I really need to start doing my rewind posts! I’m seriously so behind, but I honestly just don’t feel like really reading or blogging, and it sucks because I feel like everyone forgot about me. :'( Oh well… I’d rather blog when inspiration hits so I’m just not doing stuff because I feel like I have to. You know?

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