DNF Review: Burning by Danielle Rollins

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DNF Review: Burning by Danielle RollinsBurning by Danielle Rollins
Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens on April 5th 2016
Pages: 352
Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher

After three years in juvie, Angela Davis is just a few months shy of release, and she'll finally be free from the hole that is Brunesfield Correctional Facility. Then Jessica arrives. Only ten years old and under the highest security possible, this girl has to be dangerous, even if no one knows what she did to land in juvie. As strange things begin happening to Angela and her friends that can only be traced to the new girl's arrival, it becomes clear that Brunesfield is no longer safe. They must find a way to get out, but how can they save themselves when the world has forgotten them?

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Note: This review is based on the 44% of the book that I read.

This review is very painful for me to write.  If you saw THIS post then you know that Burning was a book that I was REALLLLLYYYYY looking forward to.  As a huge fan of Orange is the New Black, I was definitely intrigued with the fact that this book was compared to it, and adding a little mystery to that?  I was sold.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work well for me.

I think the main problem I had with this book was that I really didn’t care about any of the characters.  Angela was ok, but there was no connection there.  Jessica was interesting enough, but I was expecting some heavy duty creepy on her part and from what I read, it was just ehhh.

“Monsters are more interesting than heroes.”

Another issue was boredom.  It felt like everything was dragging on and eventually I was forcing myself to pick up my kindle and read.  When it comes to the point of forcing, that’s my clue that it’s time to DNF.  I’m still curious about the mystery behind Jessica and why Angela is in Juvie, but my curiosity wasn’t enough to make me finish the book.

Burning was a book that I had high hopes for, unfortunately it didn’t measure up.

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7 responses to “DNF Review: Burning by Danielle Rollins

  1. It’s such a bummer that this one wasn’t for you! It was also one of my most anticipated reads for spring, but I’m not sure about it now…it sounds like it might be a little meh, especially with the characters. Not being able to connect with the characters or not finding them interesting can really ruin a book sometimes. I hope your next read is better!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy this one, Christy! I haven’t heard of it before but after loving The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly I’ve been wanting to read more books about gaols/juvie centres but I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t that fantastic. Great review.

  3. I hate when they compare books to beloved TV, Movie, or other iconic books…. it usually NEVER bodes well for the book bc it builds up allllll these expectations. I read this book a few weeks ago and got INTO it at first, but the last 1/3 of the book was not my favorite. I don’t think you missed out on anything not finishing it…. and because of the ending, I think it’s a series, so nothing is really tied up all that great. Bummer that this didn’t live up to what you were wanting 🙁

  4. I’m sorry this didn’t work for you, Christy! 🙁 That always sucks especially if you were excited for it. It’s been happening to me quite a bit this year! But not being able to connect with characters always ruins a book for me too.
    I hope your next read its better!
    I don’t think this will be for me, so I’ll be steering clear of it!
    Lovely review!

  5. Michelle

    I read the entire book last night. It’s 5:30 in the morning and I just finished it. It’s the first book I’ve read by her, and I really enjoyed it! I love books about ordinary people (especially kids) who make mistakes and aren’t necessarily heroes in the usual sense, but are non the less heroic. Add a little weirdness in there, and I love it even more! I definitely hope for a sequel!!

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