Covers That Should Be Redesigned

Posted July 22, 2014 by Christy || 12 Comments

Can We Get a Cover Change?

I know that there are covers that we all LOVE, hell, I even have a Cover Love shelf on Goodreads.  But I got to thinking about those books that we come across with those covers that are freaking ugly  not very eye catching.  I know that I should judge a book based on what the outside looks like, but I CAN’T HELP IT.  If a book is hideous on the outside, it’s highly likely that it will never grace the shelves of my collection.  I hate to admit that I’m a cover whore and very shallow when it comes to what’s on the outside, but there you have it. 
Here’s just a few of covers that hurt my eyes my least favorite covers
OOHHH, looks it’s a light bulb, I must read this book so that I can find out what lights the bulb!!
Don’t that weird looking thing over this huge face make you want to pick this book up!
Someone has a sun burn…
Yeah, I don’t even know.
Someone played outside in the snow a little too long and ended up with Frost Bite
The Host The Eye…it’s watching you *muhahahaha*
What do you think of these?
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12 responses to “Covers That Should Be Redesigned

  1. kirstymstudio

    See, they redesign the pretty ones that don't really need to be redesigned and leave the ugly ones in peace. Not playing fair.

    To be fair, Scott Westefeld has some ugly ass covers. Except Afterworlds, now I like Afterworlds. Know what's worse than The Host though? The white face /eye staring at you cover of Old Magic by Marianne Curley, I bought it a while ago and had to hide it at the bottom of a box because it kept staring at me, plus, it was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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  2. I don't remember the Afterworlds cover, I'm going to have to check it out. Old Magic has a white face/eye? I'm going to have to see that haha.

  3. kamifurr

    Those are some bad covers! I can't even tell what is going on in the Enchanted Ivy cover. Where are her legs?

  4. You are not alone! I judge a book by its cover all the freaking time. Like seriously, if your cover does not catch my eye, I won't even read the synopsis. That's bad, right? *sigh* But oh God, that Enchanted Ivy one? Just, no.

    -Holly 🙂
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  5. jazmen

    They're not the best looking covers at all. Of all the books, When She Woke was the most fitting. I only know because I've read it. But they probably could have done a little better.

  6. I'm a little biased on the cover for The Secret Hour. That series is one of my favorites and the author is one of my all time favorites, so . . . I actually don't mind that cover. 😀 I'm not a big fan of any of the others either, though. I've never been interested in The City of Ember and that may have something to do with its cover.
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  7. When I'm in a bookshop I browse the covers and titles, lifting what catches my eye. I then buy based on the blurb of those I checked. So if the book is darn ugly, it is unlikely to make it to my hand unless it has a great title! Being a cover whore seems pretty common! Oh and thanks for visiting my Stacking the Shelves yesterday!
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