Christy’s Novel Rewind (5)

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Christy's novel rewind (7)

Novel Rewind is the way Erica and I wrap up our week. Though, since there is two of us we’ll be alternating weeks and each of our separate posts will be showcasing the past two weeks.

We will be linking up to Stacking the Shelves and The Sunday Post.

Life & What’s Happened

Happy Easter!!

Aside from Easter activities this weekend, I have really gotten into crafting.  I spent most of Saturday making TBR jars (there may be a post about that later), and then I started making bookish jewelry AND THEN I started an Etsy shop!! I don’t know what’s came over me but I’m in a crafting mood and I’m always thinking of more things I could try.

As of right now, my Etsy store is solely jewelry and I only have a few listings, but I already have so many ideas and I can’t wait to get the stuff to make more.  I do have other ideas of crafts that I may end up listing on there and it has to do with my husband and his woodburning ability LOL.

Here’s a link just in case you want to check it out 😀


The Books


the way i used to be


gracelingthese broken stars

Thanks Secret Sister! I can’t wait to read both of these!!

Currently Obsessing Over




teen wolf

I’m on season 5!! And I’m still in love with this show.  Although I’m not a fan of the main ship for some reason.

 What have been some of your obsessions this week?  Any new books?

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12 responses to “Christy’s Novel Rewind (5)

  1. I’ve seen several bloggers now who put their craftiness to work in an Etsy shop- how fun. Good luck with it, hope it goes well! Hope your books are good- I never did read graceling. 🙁

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. These Broken Stars. *immediately fangirls* That book is the absolute BEST. It’s legitimately like my favorite book ever. I mean, Tarver is absolutely book boyfriend worthy, it’s fast-paced, it’s sorta creepy, and the science is incredible. Also the cover is gorgeous so basically These Broken Stars is the full package. <3 I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  3. I have heard so many great things about The Way I Used to Be, I hope you love it.
    Oooohh! I really like the stuff in your shop. I am looking forward to your woodburning designs. I love unique stuff. Thanks for sharing the link, cuz I had no idea you had a shop and I love to support my friends. (that’s right, we are friends, deal with it)
    Have a great week my friend!

  4. Yay for crafting! I tried the whole TBR Jar thing last year, but I couldn’t make it work for me. I’m too moody of a reader to leave my next book up to chance. Haha. I hope you fare better with it! I’m intrigued by The Way I Used to Be and I loved These Broken Stars. Which reminds me, I need to get around to finishing the rest of the series sometime. Soonish.

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