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In the last few months it was announced that my little town was getting its very own mall!


Last week a few of the stores that were going in the mall were announced and I was so disappointed that a Barnes & Noble or Books – A – Million wasn’t on the list. 
 So, I thought I would create a list of why my little town in Eastern Kentucky needs a B&N or BAM. Yes, I know it’s HIGHLY UNLIKEY that anyone who has a say in what stores go in the mall will ever read this, but a girl can hope, right?

The List:


Every book blogger DESERVES to have a bookstore no more than 30 minutes from their house. – There is not one good ‘real’ bookstore in my small town, the nearest BAM is 3 hours away in Somerset. I think the mall store decider people need to realize just how inconvenient this is for me.
Amazon is slow about sending books – I honestly don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for Amazon. BUT, it takes SO LONG for the books that I order to come in, especially the ones that I pre-order, I usually don’t get those until weeks after it’s been released. I know that they have the 1 and 2 day shipping but it’s like 20 dollars, I could buy more books with that money!
Wal-Mart’s book selection sucks – In my supercenter Wal-Mart, the book section is not very big and most of what’s there is Adult Romance. The YA sections is just a couple of feet long and it’s always stocked with books that I’ve already read like Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc. They hardly ever have any new books that I’m looking forward to.
My husband might not hate going in to bookstores as much with me – I think that my husband absolutely HATES when he has to go into a bookstore with me. The reason being is that there’s not one close to me so when we are out of town and I find one…I’m in there for hours! Last time we were at a BAM, after about an hour he said that he had to pee but he couldn’t find the bathroom so we needed to leave and go back to his grandma’s house so he could use the bathroom…yeah, I still don’t believe that.
I want to go to an author signing – Whenever I see pictures or stories that bloggers share from author signings, I admit I do get a little jealous. I would love to meet one of my favorite authors and hopefully, one day I will
My library RARELY has any books that I want to read – My library is just like Wal-Mart in the sense that they tend to get the Adult Romance books instead of YA books. Well guess what Library and Wal-Mart, I DON’T like Adult Romance, I want more YA books!
It would be a great place for my kids to work when they get old enough – I know it’s a long way off but…discount??
I’m sure that I could come up with a lot more reasons…

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Do you agree with my reasons? Do you live far away from a bookstore and hate it as much as I do? 

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4 responses to “CBA Discussion | Bookstore, Please!

  1. Bookstores are so essential. I can’t believe your nearest BAM is 3 hours away! I would die! I visit mine on the golf cart (I live in a town with 90 miles of golf cart paths) and it takes me about 30 minutes, but it’s a pretty drive. In the car, it’s about 5 minutes. I’ll spend hours and hours in the bookstore as well (and your hubby’s excuse was weak. You need to tell him to come up with a better one next time!)

    I’m surprised that Amazon takes so long to ship for you. When I pre-order books they arrive the same day. And I totally understand what you mean about libraries. Every library I’ve been to has a HORRIBLE YA section. I know you can call in and request books, but that just takes too long. I think, if I was in your situation, I would be snatching up ebooks a lot.

    And I hate when there aren’t bookstores in the mall! I have a couple malls without bookstores and it’s weird. There’s a mall routine. Shop for clothes, eat a little court food, and then bookstore. Done. I hope one gets built in your hometown soon! I’ll cross my fingers for you 🙂

  2. AGREED! I mean, I only really care about the bookstores, because I don’t try to order online, and I’ve totally given up on my library. But the nearest bookstore from my house is about an hour away, which is pretty sad. But I’m quite happy that whenever we do get to visit, I always come home with a book or two 😀 HOORAY for malls! I hope the one they’re building near you sorts itself out and gives you a real, book-filled,dreamland sort of bookstore 🙂 Great topic Christy!

  3. Dang. I live just as far from the local bookstore as you do! (I’ve only ever been in ONE B&N my entire life, and it was without a doubt about three hours away. This is a bad sign.) And I totally sympathize with you about wal-mart – they always stalk the books that I’m not really interested in, but mine does get new books when they come out! (THEY HAD INSURGENT I WAS SO PROUD)

    I want to go to a book signing too! (: Awesome post, girly! Hopefully someone who’s in charge will see it and hear your plea. <3

  4. Oh man, I TOTALLY get these! I live in a (albeit small)city now, so there are SOME bookstores, though definitely not a huge selection. There are a few independent used bookstores, then Hastings, and then a Barnes&Nobles. Definitely not big enough for bookish events, but big enough for a bookstore! But growing up, I lived in a really small rural town in south Texas. The nearest bookstore at all was 45 minutes away, and the nearest Barnes&Nobles was 2 hours, so I totally get this! Having local bookstores is so nice, so I definitely hope that the mall might sneak one in!

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