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Hi, everyone! I realized I haven’t done a tag on the blog in ages, and I have a backlog of tags I want to do sitting in my bookmarks bar. SO, today, I’m here to do the Briggs Book Tag! This tag caught my eye because of the unique format and the fact that it focuses on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, one of my favorite personality tests. This was created by Jaded Reader, and I originally saw it on my friend Rhiannon’s channel.

If you’re not familiar, the Myers-Briggs is a hugely popular personality test. In this model, there are 16 personality types, and each personality type consists of four letters. As such, this tag is unique in that the questions are different for every person, because you answer the set of questions based on your personality type. You answer one question for each letter that makes up your type, and then one question based on your specific type (five questions total). You can find all the tag questions here, and if you don’t know your MBTI type, you can take the test herePeople have conflicting views on whether the test is an accurate gauge of personality, but I think it’s fun, and I do feel like my type fits me.

tag questions

my mbti type

INTJ (sometimes known as The Mastermind/The Architect). The letters stand for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. This is supposedly a decently rare type, especially in women, but I find that lots of my online friends– particularly those from blogging/BookTube– are also INTJs. I think we tend to live on the internet, and given our type, it’s not a huge surprise that so many of us would be drawn to books and knowledge.

INTROVERT: (I) You can be outgoing, but need to recharge with some calming solitude, Where is your favorite place to read & unwind? Why is this little oasis where you choose to go?

Honestly, I’ll read anywhere. I pretty much always have a book with me. My favorite place to read at home is on the couch, because it’s a nice setup with lots of natural light and comfy blankets, and it’s convenient to the kitchen if I want to get up and grab a drink or a snack.

INTUITION: (N) Some books are meant to be understood, and others are meant to be explored. What book or character stands for an idea that is deeply meaningful to you?

I know you all are tired of hearing me talk about this book by now, but The Girl with the Red Balloon by Katherine Locke stands for so many of the things I believe in. It poses important questions about history and morality that have left me thinking about them every single day since I finished the book. It’s a book that illustrates how important it is to hold onto your values, and to continue questioning.

THINKING: (T) Non-Fiction for some can seem tedious, but where would we be without the truths of our world? What book, text, or reading material have you found yourself referring to when in need of real world answers?

I really love reading bell hooks’s work. If you aren’t familiar with bell hooks, she’s a black feminist thinker and writer. All of her writing is excellent. I studied music education in college, and her book Teaching to Transgress definitely informed a lot of my thinking and personal philosophy on education. It marries intersectional feminism and social justice with educational practice. 

JUDGING: (J) All play and no work leads to chaotic disorder… and anarchy.  How do you structure and balance your reading, booktube, blogging, and personal life to better use your time?

I try to set aside blocks of time for each part of this. I’m someone who works well in large chunks, so I prefer to finish books in one sitting and also to knock out multiple blog posts/videos in one sitting. Therefore, I’ll set aside larger chunks of time each week to accomplish these things, and the rest of my week is free for life stuff and whatever I feel like doing. I’m also very reliant on my planner! Also, using Mollie’s Post-It note trick has helped me soooo much to structure my reading even when I’m feeling unmotivated to sit down and read.

INTJ: The Masterminds | You’re not in it for the small talk, so let’s cut right to the chase, what book captures the idea of what it is to be human?

It pains me to not talk about The Girl with the Red Balloon again here, y’all. BUT for the sake of varying my answers, I’ll talk about another book– my favorite of 2018 so far– that really affected me: A Heart in a Body in the World by Deb Caletti. This is a recent release that tackles the difficult subjects of the way that toxic masculinity breeds violence. It’s a story that will be all too familiar to women everywhere. At its core, though, this is a story about what it means to be a person. This is a bleak story in a lot of ways, but all of the moments of kindness strangers show to the main character throughout her journey provided these beautiful glimpses of hope amidst all of the pain and darkness– it reinforces the fact that, while the world is terrible and dark and contains some awful people, there are also so many good people. What are we even doing on this earth if we don’t look out for one another, anyway?

I hope you all enjoyed this tag! I had so much fun. I tag anyone who also loves Myers Briggs to do this! Now, I wanna know: what’s your MBTI type?! 

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23 responses to “Briggs Book Tag!

  1. This is SO FUN. I am going to have to do this because 1) It is great and 2) I need blog post ideas and you have given me one! I love to see what personality types other bloggers are too! Also, always here for The Girl with the Red Balloon love! I would tell you my personality type but… I am going to post it tomorrow muahahahha.

  2. This is definitely one of the more original tags I have seen lately. I am so shocked to see that you are an introvert. I would never have guessed that. I am ISTJ, so we share some traits, and like you, I will read anywhere, though, I use it as a way to keep people from approaching me.

    • I love the way this tag is set up (and the subject matter!). And yeah, I know– I’m actually a suuuuper introvert, but on the surface I don’t seem like it because I’m also a really social person. Oh yay, we have really similar types! Hahaha reading in public is also one of my favorite ways to stop people from bothering me.

  3. Woohoo, fellow introvert! I took this test twice and got different results, INFJ-T and INFP-T, but they were in the same category: Diplomat. This is a really cool tag, I might have to do it.

  4. Ooh, this is really interesting! I got INFJ the first time I took the test but more recently I’ve gotten INFP. I’ve been digging around on the Internet but I’m still not sure what I fit under … I guess that’s a good thing because it means I am unexplainable 😂

    I’ve really wanted to read A Heart in a Body in the World, but I’m afraid it’s going to be too much for me to handle. Anything related to gun violence is unsettling for me 🙁

    Anyway, I love whenever you recommend books—you are so eloquent and succinct!

  5. This is a super fun tag and now I want to go take the test. I haven’t done it in years so I’m curious what I’ll get. 🙂

    Fun post!

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