Books We’ll Be Reading This Fall

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about books on our Fall TBR.

Christy’s List

I’m not the best at sticking to TBR lists, but these are the ones that I definitely want to read.

the lies about truth heir of fire queen of shadows sarah j maas dark heart of magic jennifer estep Untitled-2

blood and salt menagerie fans of the impossible life six of crowsilluminae

What are some books on your TBR?  Do we have any similar?

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9 responses to “Books We’ll Be Reading This Fall

  1. I finished Queen of Shadows (and my reread of Heir of Fire) about a week ago and it’s seriously the best in the series. I hope you love it!

    I am sooooo excited for Blood and Salt! I’ve been waiting for it all year and not I’m pushing it back so I can read it around Halloween. 😀

  2. Fall seems to be the season of awesome book releases. Illuminae, Menagerie and Six of Crows are also among the books I’m most anticipating. I’m also really curious about After Alice, by Gregory Maguire. It’s supposedly an Alice in Wonderland retelling and sounds creepy and weird enough for Halloween time.

  3. Great TBR! I want to read When Joss Met Matt, too. It’s been lingering on my TBR for far too long. And I’m so intrigued by Illuminae. It seems so unique in the way the story is told.

  4. Six of Crows and Illuminae sound like some promising reads. I hope you can get around to reading them all! This autumn I am planning to finish the bunch of all the books I have started reading. Mostly though, I aim to finish off Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith.

  5. HOF, QOS, Blood & Salt, and Six of Crows, are all on my TBR for this fall! I just recently read Illuminae, and GIRL IT WAS AMAZING! Definitely pick that one up soon!

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