Book Confessions Part II

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Christy did her Bookish Confession – and she just let you guys know one thing and went into detail about it. Well, for my Confessions Part II, I will be giving you guys a few confessions and just giving a little rant about each one. So, I’ll let Usher bring me in…

Confession Number One

When I would start to read a book…I would read the ending first. 
Crazy? I know, but it was just an awful, terrible habit that I had. Past tense, I stopped that crazy act and actually started reading and enjoying the book. I hate spoilers now and look back and wonder why the heck would I do that to myself.

Confession Number Two 

I have yet to read the Harry Potter books, but have watched the movies.
I used to hate Harry Potter – no reason, just liked being outside the box when it came to my group of friends…well they made me cave. My sister hounded me about watching them because she was in love with the movies…so I did. I really enjoy the movies, though am not a fanatic like others because I have only seen them once. I have the set of books and I need to read them ASAP so I can actually understand the story and read J.K. Rowling’s wonderful words.

Confession Number Three

I hate don’t like to buy books for other people…
Okay, yes I love showering people with gifts (it’s like my favorite hobby, ask my boyfriend) and I love to gift people with the amazing books that I have fallen in love with…but when I buy a book I want it to be put on my bookshelf not someone else’s. Yes, I’m selfish, but I would rather buy myself books…I have gotten better though because I love buying Christy books! 🙂
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10 responses to “Book Confessions Part II

  1. Erica, I haven't read Harry Potter yet, either… When they were first released, I thought they were strictly for kids, so I didn't see why I should read them… crazy, right? I have also watched all the movies with my kids, and I own all the books to read, I've just not gotten around to them yet.
    Nice confessions 😉 Have a wonderful Wednesday and happy reading.
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  2. I used to do the same thing as you wrote in your first confession! When I was teenager and started a book and than had to go sleep or to school, I would check ending because I was too curious. Most of the time it would not make sense LOL so I stopped doing that long time ago.
    And I hope you will enjoy Harry Potter. I am not sure how I would feel about it now when I am 26. But I absolutely adored it as kid and teenager 🙂
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  3. I have read the Harry Potter books but I do feel pretty out of place a lot of the time because they're not my favourites or anything like that. When I was younger I always preferred series like His Dark Materials and Mortal Engines so I always do feel a bit awkward when people talk about Harry Potter is perfection.

    In regards to the first one, I'm glad I never picked up that habit. I did, however, watch a video on the greatest Breaking Bad moments even though I hadn't finished the series and that did spoil a major character death but thankfully that didn't really get in the way of my enjoyment of it in the end.
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  4. Genesis

    Confession1 and 2… I feel you. I would read the ending the first because I wanted to know if it would be HEA lol. For the second confession, I still need to read that series and watch the last two movies! Let's see if I can read them this year 🙂
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  5. kirstymstudio

    Ha! I used to do that, and then I'd make myself read try not to, so I'd be reading it, and then something awful happens and then I'm like screw it *checks ending* don't want to read no more. 🙁
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you haven't read them?! That's…that's…I'm speechless. 😉
    Nah, that isn't selfish, I mean, when we buy books, we'd rather keep them than give them to someone else. I gave one to my cousin once when we went into Waterstones, mainly because it was Buy one Get One 1/2 Price and there wasn't another book I wanted, or had already read most of them. But yeah, I think if someone's the same as you with books, it's not so bad buying them them, especially if you want them to read a specific book.

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  6. I don’t read the ending first, but I will go check it out once I am confident of who the bad guy is because it then makes it more interesting following the clues in a mystery. So far I don’t think I’ve ever been wrong. I’ve also read the ending when I’m not particularly liking a book and I want to see if it’s worth continuing to an amazing conclusion. I never buy books for myself but I love to give books to my friends’ children.

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