Blog Tour: Because of the Sun by Jenny Torres Sanchez

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Because of the Sun Blog Tour

Blog Tour: Because of the Sun by Jenny Torres SanchezBecause of the Sun by Jenny Torres Sanchez
Published by Delacorte Press on January 3rd 2017
Pages: 272

From the backyards of suburban Florida to the parched desert of New Mexico, Because of the Sun explores the complexity of family, the saving grace of friendship, and the healing that can begin when the truth is brought to light.

Dani Falls learned to tolerate her existence in suburban Florida with her brash and seemingly unloving mother by embracing the philosophy Why care? It will only hurt. So when her mother is killed in a sudden and violent manner, Dani goes into an even deeper protection mode, total numbness. It’s the only way she can go on.

But when Dani chooses The Stranger by Albert Camus as summer reading for school, it feels like fate. The main character’s alienation after his mother’s death mirrors her own.

Dani’s life is thrown into further turmoil when she is sent to New Mexico to live with an aunt she never knew she had. The awkwardness between them is palpable. To escape, Dani takes long walks in the merciless heat. One day, she meets Paulo, who understands how much Dani is hurting. Although she is hesitant at first, a mutual trust and affection develop between Dani and Paulo, and Dani begins to heal. And as she and her aunt begin to connect, Dani learns about her mother’s past. Forgiving isn’t easy, but maybe it’s the only way to move forward.

Interview With Jenny Torres Sanchez

If you could only use three words to describe Because of the Sun, what would they be?

Surreal, Ferocious, Hopeful

What was the hardest part of writing Because of the Sun?

This wasn’t an easy novel to write, but at the same time, it did just sort of unravel itself in a way my other books have not. I was able to keep going without hitting too many walls. Maybe the hardest part was getting Dani right. I really wanted her to be numb because I feel this is what incredible pain can do to you, leave you stunned and shell-shocked. But I also wanted her to be someone who the reader could eventually understand and feel close to.

Did you have to do any research to write Because of the Sun?

I read up on news stories about bear encounters that were becoming pretty frequent in Florida where I live. And even though I’ve read it several times since I first discovered and read The Stranger, I reread it again.

Which character in Because of the Sun do you relate most to and why?

I think I relate to Dani’s aunt, Shelly. She can be a little hard on the surface, but she has a deep love and empathy for those around her even if it’s not always apparent. I think I can be a bit like that. Not incredibly affectionate or outgoing, but I do care very much about the people in my life. And even those I don’t know.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just that I hope people check out Because of the Sun and enjoy it.

About the Author

JENNY TORRES SANCHEZ is a full-time writer and former English teacher. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, but has lived on the border of two worlds her whole life. She lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and their children. Because of the Sun is her third novel. Visit her online at and on Facebook and follow her on Twitter at @jetchez.

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