Bee’s Most Precious Male Narrators & Why We Need More

Posted February 27, 2018 by Bee || 8 Comments

About Male Narrators (POV) & Why We Need More Of Them

I’m not sure if anyone is aware but those that know me might have figured out that male narrators are my absolute favorite! Most of my favorite books ever have a male POV, in fact. I’m not sure why that is, really. Maybe because I relate to them easier than to girls. There’s just something about them that I absolutely adore. Not that female narrators can’t be spectacular because they absolutely can. But male narrators are surprisingly rare, especially in the world of YA. And maybe that’s what makes it so good. I’m not an expert. I just know that I really do love my male narrators. They’re my precious darlings, honestly.

So I absolutely think we need more male narrators. Because not just girls deserve to find themselves in beautiful books. Boys do too! That’s one of the reasons why I write solely from a male POV. My main characters are all guys and I love them to pieces. So I shall forever shout into the void that we need more male main characters for young boys to find themselves in because they deserve that. Give them good role models, someone they can relate to, someone they might want to be friends with. Give them some love. Please?

Bee’s Favorites

So since I’ve shouted that male narrators are my favorite, I shall share some of the male MC’s that I love the most. They’re all precious and sweet darlings that just need more hugs and warm blankets and love. But some of them are also sneaky and cunning and witty and too damn sassy for their own good! For your convenience I split them up into three categories.

The sweet and precious

The smart and cunning

The too-sassy-for-their-own-good

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you love male narrators too? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

8 responses to “Bee’s Most Precious Male Narrators & Why We Need More

  1. Greg Hill

    I kind of agree, not just because I’m a guy (I actually maybe prefer female POV’s, just because it’s a different perspective?) but I think how few guys apparently read YA and I’d like to see more of them. Like you said, role models and get em thinking, get em reading. Plus then they can talk books with girls lol. Seriously though, great post!

    • THANK YOU <3 I think everyone needs role models, male and female but boys that are just starting to read might prefer a male protagonist and if they find one they can relate too, it might encourage them to read more!

  2. I prefer male narrator too! As a girl, I find it interesting to dive into male’s head and see how they think, and I find most of the time, especially if the book is also written by male authors, the mc and me will have different approach towards the problem 😀 My favorite is definitely Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson series, other than being a sassy and fantastic narrator, it’s amazing to see how much he has grown from the first book 😀

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