What Should Bee Read Next? + Poll!

Posted September 29, 2017 by Bee || 5 Comments

Hey there!

Okay people, I’m in need of your help. It’s quite simple really. I can’t decide what book to read next. I’ve made this nifty little poll to let you decide for me! Isn’t that smart of me? I know. I should reward myself, honestly. Such a brilliant plan.

Now, if you have any faves from the last few month that you think I HAVE to read, please give me suggestions in the comments! Thank you!

What Should I Read Next?

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5 responses to “What Should Bee Read Next? + Poll!

  1. Eeeep, so many good books here. 😍 Words on Bathroom Walls was a 5 star read for me and Ghostown is SO hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing!! I voted for that one actually, because it’s a great quick one. :’) I also love Everything All At Once (SAM) and I’ve heard good things about Starfish but not read it yet.

  2. Such fantastic choices here!! I read both Starfish and Invictus and absolutely loved both. I ended up voting for Starfish though because it’s definitely one of my favorite books and I want EVERYONE to read it, haha. I hope you love whatever it is you end up reading!!

  3. I went with Starfish, Bee. Because I read and loved it. But I am soooo curious about Invictus, alas it seemed wrong to choose selfishly so here we are. Though your commenters are making me need to read Everything All at Once ASAP hhaha. Hope you love whichever one you read!

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