ARC Book Review: Get Even by Gretchen McNeil

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Get Even by Gretchen McNeil

Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss
Publisher: Balzer & Bray
Publication Date: September 16, 2014
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars in Gretchen McNeil’s witty and suspenseful novel about four disparate girls who join forces to take revenge on high school bullies and create dangerous enemies for themselves in the process. 

Bree, Olivia, Kitty, and Margot have nothing in common—at least that’s what they’d like the students and administrators of their elite private school to think. The girls have different goals, different friends, and different lives, but they share one very big secret: They’re all members of Don’t Get Mad, a secret society that anonymously takes revenge on the school’s bullies, mean girls, and tyrannical teachers.

When their latest target ends up dead with a blood-soaked “DGM” card in his hands, the girls realize that they’re not as anonymous as they thought—and that someone now wants revenge on them. Soon the clues are piling up, the police are closing in . . . and everyone has something to lose.

My Thoughts:

When I first heard about Get Even, I immediately added it to my wishlist. The book that I had read by this author (Possess) I had really enjoyed so I went into this one with high expectations. Unfortunately I felt like it didn’t live up to its potential.

This book is about 4 girls who run in different circles and have no ties to each other that team up and form DGM (Don’t Get Mad), which is basically a club that seeks justice for those who don’t or can’t stand up to their bullies. These girls hide behind the DGM label and they are a total mystery to the rest of the school. But as things always go, stuff goes wrong, people get hurt and DGM gets the blame. Now the girls are on a mission to clear the DGM name but it won’t be as easy as they thought because whoever was behind the murder has their sights set on bringing DGM down.

My main problem with this book was there was SOOOO much going on that it would have been hard to keep up with in dual POVs, let alone 4 POVs. I didn’t really feel a connection with any of the characters and I ended up so confused so many times because it was just too much. I couldn’t keep up with what was going on, I was getting confused on which POV I was in and I just felt like I was sinking with nothing to grab on to.

Even though this book wasn’t my cup of tea, I still feel like fans of Pretty Little Liars might really enjoy it.

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2 responses to “ARC Book Review: Get Even by Gretchen McNeil

  1. kirstymstudio

    I tried reading Possess but yeah, just couldn't get into it and it's in my DNF box, but it has plenty of company. I also DNF'D Get Even, me and the authors writing style just don't get on. 🙁 I hated the pov changes, and they just changed randomly. I think I got to 13% and called it a day, usually I try to tough it out, but I found things really unbelievable. Like the police coming to a school to give the group a warning. And then being investigated and opening up it's own hotline for tips and suspicions, when up until that point, nobody really got hurt…so, yeah. I didn't find that believable at all. 🙁
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