ARC August: Time to Catch Up!

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ARC August

ARC August is a monthly event hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat! If you have some ARCs holding you back (like we do) then you should definitely take part in this event. It allows you to kick back, read the ARCs you need and you could win some more awesome ARCs…really, it is never ending, but who cares…we love books. We will be sharing our goals for the month of August below. We will also be using this post to keep track of our progress along the way.

Erica’s goals


gena frayed stalking jack stealing snow nemesis


the leaving ever the hunted the girl from everywhere the truth swear on this life

Christy’s goals


the hundred lies amy che losing gabriel


ruined three dark crowns this adventure ends diplomatic immunity

Our Progress

We will only be updating our progress when a book is finished or if we want to share which book we started next. We also will come back and share a review if we post one! 🙂

Erica’s Progress

Monday, August 1
Books completed today:


total books read:

Christy’s Progress

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14 responses to “ARC August: Time to Catch Up!

  1. I have no ARCs to speak of (*sob-sob*), but I have plenty of TBR books (:
    I’ll just have to go the long way to get to the books I’m anticipating ^^
    In the meantime… please read Stealing Snow, Ever the Hunter, Ruined and Three Dark Crowns. And tell me all about it because I can’t wait to read those books!

  2. Oh goodness, I should really sign up for this too, but August is going to be so busy! (Wedding, honeymoon, my birthday, and assignment deadlines!) Good luck with getting your stack read.

  3. Good luck to both of you during ARC August! And Erica, I cannot wait until we buddy read Heartless. I hope it goes better than our last buddy read where we both just crapped out of life. lol

    I’ve already read one book for ARC August – The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart by Lauren DeStefano. It was really good! I’m reading The Possibility of Somewhere by Julia Day right now, and it’s alright.

  4. Erica @ Novel Ink

    Gen, have you ended up reading The Girl from Everywhere? If you haven’t let me know. I would love to buddy read it with you. Text me!! 🙂

  5. Erica @ Novel Ink

    August wasn’t busy for me and I failed, haha! I hope you had an amazing birthday & congrats on getting married. I wish you the best of luck and hope you have so much happiness <33

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