about the ink ladies

What do these girls have that make them kick-ass bloggers?

  1. Awesome book reviews that are 100% honest and based on what we think. You don’t have to worry about if you heard this before because you haven’t. We’re authentic and let you hear the amazing…or not so amazing parts of the books we read.
  2. Discussion Posts? Yeah, we got ’em. We love being able to have our thoughts come out on the blog. Mostly book related, but could be about anything. We love hearing your opinions so that’s why we create these spectacular posts.
  3. Two heads are better than one; you’ve heard of that, right? Well, what’s even better than that? Try three heads! Novel Ink is a blog consisted of three lovely ladies who just love to read. We read a variety of genres so you’ll never get bored with our posts.


You guys probably have a question now, who are these bookish crazed ladies?


Hey! I’m Christy, 1/3 of the Ink Lady trio.  I’m a 29 year oldimg_1563 registered nurse working in a small hospital in my even smaller hometown.  I’m a Hufflepuff who is slightly obsessed with all things Alice in Wonderland, Sons of Anarchy, ACOMAF and Suicide Squad.   My go-to genres are thrillers, contemporaries, and dystopian.  I’m usually pretty shy but I’ve been trying to open up and start making more bookish friends so feel free to find me on Twitter (@c_bookaddiction) or on Bookstagram (@cbookaddiction)




Erica here, another bibliophile that adds to this kick ass trio. I’m a 22 year old book lover, Netflix binger, and notorious sweat-pants wearer. I am definitely a ericaromantic, so I love a story with hints of romance within them, whether it be my go-to genre of fantasy, or a contemporary. I’m from a small town in Ohio, but have re-located to Georgia to start a new path in this journey called life. While reading is my love, I do have some other things I swoon over (shh, don’t tell). Baking & Zayn Malik are fighting to come out on top. I love chatting with people, so please feel free to message me, email me, or comment away. Strike up a convo & let’s be BFFs.


Hi there! I’m Madalyn, the final dash to this Ink Lady trio. I’m a 20-year-old college student pursuing a degree in music education, and I hope to be a musicologist some day. When madalynI’m not singing or doing school stuff, you’re likely to find me with a book and a cup of tea in hand. I’m a Ravenclaw, a feminist, and an enthusiastic proponent of dark lipstick, thrift shopping, and breakfast foods. My favorite genres to read are fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary. Christy and Erica brought me into the Novel Ink fam a few months ago, in the summer of 2016, and I couldn’t be happier to be here! I also run a BookTube channel, Madalyn Mae, and am pretty active on Twitter (@hellomadalyn), if you’re interested in seeing more of my bookish ramblings. Happy reading! 🙂


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