Cya September, Hello Spooktacular October!

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monthly rewind: september

I hope you all had an amazing September! We all kind of had a crazy one & we definitely talk about what happened below. I just want to say thank you to Madalyn and Christy for being so amazing and keeping this blog afloat while I have been quite MIA. Anyyyyywhoo, we’re just going to recap what happened throughout this whole month and we will be linking up to STS and The Sunday Post!

new on the blog

our most anticipated october release







venturing around the blogosphere

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every book read this month

What Erica Read:

the-lost-and-the-found the-princess

What Madalyn Read:

it-ends-with-us-cover 27969081 28003097 asidescended-highres 51osogggjul-_sx360_bo1204203200_

What Christy Read:

a court of mist and fury after i do ten tiny breaths

life & what’s happening


Oh boy, where do I begin? This month has been super hectic, but I guess it all is for a good reason. I have been living in Ohio for the past three months (that is where I have lived 21 out of my 22 years I’ve been here). The reason I was up in Ohio was a problem with our landlord we had. I never realized how much I would despise a place until I left and came back. There is nothing there. The people there are just awful and the atmosphere is so poisonous. Only good thing about there is my dad (and a friend or two). Anyway, I am finally back in Georgia. These past few days have been all over the place. We just moved into our new house (guys, it’s amazing)! I’ll have to post it onto snapchat (ericalyn9) so you can see. I am finally relaxing as I type this. I cannot wait for more blogging, reading, instagrammin’, and just going back to my normal routine. I have been so MIA and I hope you all will welcome me back with open arms. I have missed you all so much!


I’m finally starting to settle into a routine with school, work, and life in general. September was a busy month for me, so it absolutely flew by. I’ve been keeping myself occupied with the usual music/school stuff and also with spending some much-needed time with friends. We had our first choir concert of the year this month! I absolutely love our repertoire this year; I’m excited to see how it all comes together. I’ve also been busy narrowing down the setlist for my junior recital (which will be next semester) and starting to study for midterms in a few weeks– I know, I know, how exciting. 😉


September was a very busy month, between work and getting things together for my son’s 10th birthday party, it has been crazy and hectic!

I’ve been training in a new department at work, which is the ER and it’s totally different that working on a medical floor like I’m used to.  I’m starting to get more and more comfortable and slowing starting to love it! One thing is for sure, you never know what is going to walk through the door LOL.


Erica’s Favorite:

Well, if you have even looked at my Instagram over the past four months or so you would see that I haven’t been there. I have had zero inspiration ever since I went back to Ohio so hopefully being back to Georgia will get me back into the swing of things. I also have a question that I would really appreciate some feedback on. I don’t know if I should keep my @divingunderthecover account or switch and create a new one. @divingunderthecover has somewhat of a good following, but it doesn’t tie in with the blog and I feel like if I start a new account it will be a fresh start. But, idk. What do you all think?

Madalyn’s Favorite:

You guysssss. I have a confession: I’m horrible at bookstagram. I’d say my Instagram game is pretty strong over on my personal Instagram (@hellomadalyn), and to be fair, I do post the occasional book picture there, but as a whole, I have no clue what I’m doing. I feel like I lack both the eye for aesthetics and the patience that it takes to be a great bookstagrammer. Should I start one and see how it goes??? Let me know any tips y’all have!

Christy’s Favorite:


I have quite a few faves LOL

next month

Erica’s Look Ahead:

I am just looking forward to going back to my normal routine and being me again. I am just starting to be really happy where things are and it is such a weight off my shoulders. There are still some things that I am struggling with, but I’m getting there. So here’s to a month of new beginnings or at least trying to get there 😛

Madalyn’s Look Ahead:

I am so ready for October! I love fall in general, and Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. In fact, my friends and I are planning on hosting a Halloweekend– AKA three Halloween parties in a row– the weekend before Halloween, which is gonna be awesome. I need to start narrowing down some costume ideas! Plus, our fall choral concert, which is always one of my favorite performances, is also that same weekend. I’m also excited to hopefully go visit my parents for a weekend this month after midterms! And do I even need to mention all the amazing book releases coming our way in October?! Basically, if all goes according to plan, I will reclaim my rightful title as the Pumpkin Princess this month.

Christy’s Look Ahead:

There are so many things that I’m excited for in October! I mean HALLOWEEN! Have I ever mentioned how much I love it? I’m also excited about a monthly Instagram challenge that I’m co-hosting on Bookstagram! I’d love for you to join if that’s your thing, find all the details on my page

king of the month

Erica’s Top Pick:


This book was amazing. My review of all the flails to come.

Madalyn’s Top Pick:


Loved this one so much! Go check out my review to see more of my thoughts. 🙂

Christy’s Top Pick:

a court of mist and fury

Of course it was ACOMAF, I mean have you met Rhysand?  <3333

How was your month? Do you do anything fun? Were you super busy like all three of us were? What was your favorite read? Let us know so we can chat it up in the comments!

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  1. I’m really excited to read Labyrinth Lost! What did you think of it? ACOMAF is probably my favorite book of the year (for how long, I don’t know because Crooked Kingdom is blowing my mind and I’m only on page 300). Rhysand is AMAZING! I hope you all have wonderful Octobers, too, especially with Halloween coming up!

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