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Countdown Survey (2)
Hello everyone and welcome to the sign-ups for the Countdown Survey!!

This survey was inspired by the Countdown on New Year’s Eve combined with all the bookish surveys floating around the blogosphere!

All you have to do to sign-up is link up below. 


So, after you guys sign-up with us you will have all the questions and you will create all your lovely posts and set them to be scheduled for December 31 (we usually do 12 a.m. but you guys can post whenever you please on that chosen day). When you guys post on the 31st Christy and I will have also have ours posted. Our post will have a new link up for you guys to add your post. This will allow other people to view your post and you can blog hop around!


If you want to use the graphic above in your post, feel free. Just make sure you link back to Novel Ink!


I hope you guys are just as excited as we to do this countdown for the second year. We cannot wait to see all the books that you add to your lists.


Here is how it works:
We are going to countdown from 10 – 1 with topics listed for each number. Whatever the number is, that’s how many things you have to list for that topic. Example: 10 – Books on your wishlist, so I would name ten books that’s on my wishlist…see?? SIMPLE.


Listed below are your questions:
10- 2016 Books You’re Excited About
9- Favorite Covers of 2015
8- Books That Surprised You (Either in a good or bad way)
7- Books You Didn’t Get To in 2015
6- Books That Gave You All the Feels/Made You Cry
5- Golden Finds (Unpopular Books You Loved)
4- Books You Wish Were Movies/TV Shows
3 – Series You Started
2 – Books Everyone Loved But You Didn’t
1 – Best Book of 2015


 Merry Christmas Eve, everyone ♥

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