#ShatteringStigmas Part II: Self Harm & Some Answers

Posted by Erica // August 23, 2016 // 4 Comments

Self-Harm is a topic that’s very taboo and every time this word is mentioned, people get very uncomfortable. What people don’t understand it’s that it should be talked about and awareness should be raised about it. Statistics state that one in every two-hundred girls in their teen years’ self-harms. That’s a lot of girls! And it’s not even counting the boys! The thing is, there are a lot of myths surrounding this specific topic and other things you may not know about this so I’ll […]


#ShatteringStigmas Part II: Battling Anxiety: A Tried and Tested Guide

Posted by Erica // August 22, 2016 // 1 Comment

Hey guys! My name is Camillia and I am a book blogger over on Twenty Three Pages. Erica has very kindly given me a space on her blog today for Shattering Stigmas. Now I have dealt with mental illnesses for most of my teenage life. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when I was 12 and I was consistently on Concerta and Ritalin. I also struggle with anxiety and I do get a lot of anxiety attacks. I get very panicky and I […]


Welcome Our New Co-Blogger – Madalyn

Posted by Christy // August 21, 2016 // 9 Comments

Hi everyone! Erica and I are super excited to announce that we have welcomed a new co-blogger! Some of you may have seen our co-blogger search a while back and there were a bunch of really amazing applicants and it was SO hard to narrow down and pick someone to join our Novel Ink team.  We are so happy to say that we have asked Madalyn to come aboard and I think you guys will love her!  She’s such an awesome person and I can […]


#ShatteringStigmas Part II: My Story with Anxiety

Posted by Erica // August 20, 2016 // 2 Comments

Once upon a time… there was a little girl When I was 8 years old, right after my parents divorced, I was terrified of the dark. I used to watch the outside, dreading the time when the sun goes down and the darkness takes its place. Because I knew bad things happened in the dark. Each and every night I used to experience what I called symptoms: nausea and vomiting, the feeling like I have something stuck in my throat and the overall sensation of […]


#ShatteringStigmas Part II: Tips/Advice from Experience

Posted by Erica // August 19, 2016 // 1 Comment

When you’re hurting, what do you do? Do you read a book? Do you eat your favorite foods? Do you turn to a friend for help? Many people would choose the last option, hoping to talk out their problems with a sympathizing voice. But there are problems with this choice. Because sometimes, your friend can’t help you. I want to tell you a little story. It’s about a boy I met one day during Winter Break. We will call him…the Stargazer (Because that’s what he liked […]


#ShatteringStigmas Part II: Smiling Through the Storm Inside Me

Posted by Erica // August 18, 2016 // 6 Comments

Smiling through the storm inside me Hello bookworms, I am Mishma, and it is nice to meet you all. Without any elaborate introduction, this post would be all about my inner mental struggle. I am a 17 year old teenage girl, diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and battling depression. But I am also sure, that almost no one who knows me would even guess that I have all that inside me, because one thing I’ve mastered in life, is to smile through the storm inside me. […]


#ShatteringStigmas Part II: Books That Don’t Trivialize Mental Health

Posted by Erica // August 17, 2016 // 9 Comments

AHHH, THIS IS THE SECOND GUEST POST GUYS! It is making me so excited. I am loving this event so far. I mean, I knew I would, but just seeing people come together really makes me one happy camper. I hope you guys enjoy what Ruz & Vera put together. They wanted to showcase some books that they think don’t trivialize mental health. So, let’s get this party started! 6 YA Books That Don’t Trivialize Mental Health Mental illness is something that is very rarely […]


#ShatteringStigmas Part II: I Am Me

Posted by Erica // August 16, 2016 // 4 Comments

Hello everyone, welcome to the first guest post that I will be having on my blog for #ShatteringStigmas! Today #ontheblog I will be having the wonderful Alexa from The Words of the Page. I really hope you guys enjoy her story, I think she has such a great message to share so read away my loves. I am a Korean American. I can never be considered a native Korean, but I can never also be considered a full American. However, I have this amazing thing […]


#ShatteringStigmas Part II: Introduction!

Posted by Erica // August 15, 2016 // 10 Comments

Guys, I am so excited that I will be hosting part 2 of Shattering Stigmas. Before I get into welcoming you guys, I want to thank Shannon & Inge for allowing me to join them in this wonderful event. I am so grateful for them and I just am thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary event. Anyways, welcome, welcome! I am so glad that there is another year of this event. Allowing people to share their stories about mental health and/or sharing books […]


Pokemon Read-A-Thon: #ReadThemAllThon

Posted by Erica // August 11, 2016 // 4 Comments

I’m really excited for this Read-A-Thon! Aentee @ Read at Midnight has created some amazing things this past month and I bow down to her. I wish I could have the imagination to come up with something as awesome as this. If you guys want more info on this Read-A-Thon head over to Aentee’s post! Chosen Pokemon I’m trying to combine most of these with my ARC August so you’ll be seeing quite a few ARCs and my first one is….Caraval. I am super excited for […]